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Dallas Cowboys victory formation chat No. 5: A Princeton grad is coaching a dumb team

Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Victory Formation chat to discuss the "beauty" of their 16-10 win against Tampa Bay on Sunday.

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Ivy League degrees are overrated: Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett earned his degree from Princeton in 1988. At this point, give me the guy with the degree from San Jacinto CC to coach my team.
Anything to avoid the rash of stupid that the Cowboys have played with this season. 

Week 1: Cowboys 13 penalties for 86 yards, 1 turnover
Week 2: Cowboys 5 penalties for 47 yards, 1 turnover
Week 3: Cowboys 13 penalties for 105 yards, 3 turnovers

How this team is 2-1 despite these numbers is really quite impressive. Figure 100 yards for every touchdown and the Cowboys have roughly given away 20 points via penalties alone.

If the Cowboys want to reflect the image of their coach they can at least live up to the perception that Princeton cranks out bright minds who don't shoot themselves in the foot for sport. Of course, Dick Cheney attended Yale and he shot his friends so maybe it's an Ivy League thing. Right now these are the Dallas Raiders.

Bill Parcells used to say he didn't coach penalties. That was yet another cute way of Bill trying to break any correlation between any team flaw and himself. Penalties are a reflection of the coach.

LONG TERM: This trend continues and this team is screwed.


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Lance Harbour

That football card is a classic. I wish he coached as good as that card looks.

The Big Mac Blog

I wish I had a hard copy of that card. It would be worth, wow, nickels on EBay.


Totally agree that Garrett gets too much credit for being a brainiac. His team plays like a bunch of blithering idiots, especially that offensive line. OK, you could blame the new center the first week, but here it is Week 3 and the O-line can't snap the ball or protect the quarterback. Let's put the whole Princeton grad thing to rest. Jason Garrett's IQ doesn't translate onto the field for the Cowboys.

Fort Worth Fan

Garett isn't the answer but I'd sign him to a life time contract if it meant we got a decent GM.

Big Dave

Judd Garrett is the Einstein of the the family.

He got a theology degree at Princeton because theology was the only major at Princeton that didn't require a thesis for a Bachelor's degree.


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