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Dallas Stars not going the way of the Florida Panthers - no layoffs

AX255_6F4E_9The NHL's lockout is only a few day's old, but already teams are making some front office changes in light of a reality that may include no immediate revenues for a while.

According to this report by the AP, the Florida Panthers plan to have layoffs. Hope Don Fehr and Gary Bettman are cool with this.

A source with the Dallas Stars said today that the team has not had any layoffs, that everyone has been told to continue to do their jobs, and that the everything is status quo. Or as much as it can be.

When the NHL began its lockout in 2004, then owner Tom Hicks and the team laid off several employees almost immediately. The front office realized it was going to be a long time before the doors were opened again so it made several "staff adjustments".

New Stars owner Tom Gaglardi is one of the NHL owners who desperately wants to see some of the current NHL economic model re-structured, so he is not exactly in a rush to agree to just any deal. But he is also not going to layoff employees who, as of today, don't have a 2012-'13 season to sell. Expect this to change if this lockout goes into 2013.

Everybody with the Stars remains in a holding pattern until the league tells them when to start, or stop.



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Good on Gaglardi and co. for staying with their staff as much as they can. Hoping some resolution comes quickly for everyone involved.

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