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David Feherty weighs in on Tiger & the Ryder Cup

David_FehertyDon't get enough chances to talk to David Feherty, but he was available today on a conference call to preview the Ryder Cup, which begins this weekend, as well as to promote a new episode of his TV show.

"Feherty Live" airs on The Golf Channel on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. CT. His guests on Wednesday include Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps.

Feherty has been a tireless supporter of Tiger Woods, and he told me last year he believed once Tiger was healthy he would return to form.

The Big Mac Blog: Do you still believe Tiger is healthy & he will return to that 'old Tiger' form?
David Feherty: I think he is as healthy as he is going to be. I'm not sure he will be back to the 100 percent of the physical condition he was at the turn of the century when we saw him go on that amazing tear.
I don't think we have seen the end of that sort of golf. You have to remember we haven't seen him play well yet. He is back to two or three in the world and he has done it with what seems like mediocre golf. You have to remember when Tiger Woods plays well, and he will play well again. 

The Big Mac Blog: Would you say right now Rory is better than Tiger?
David Feherty: At the minute I would think so, yes.

The Big Mac Blog: Who will win the Ryder Cup?
David Feherty: This is as hard of a Ryder Cup to pick as I can remember in recent years. I think you have to give the edge to the Americans because it's on American soil. But then there is the clubhouse at Medina which makes them feel like they could be hostages at any moment.
It's sort of a pick 'em. It may well boil down to captain's picks and rookies and not so much the established players. I think it's a fascinating contest this week. You are seeing more younger faces coming up and contending. ... On paper, you give the edge to the Americans. They play on grass. So, as far as I know ... I'm not sure.


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