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Do NOT believe Gary Patterson - Kansas is awful

B39fa157c2ea45d23c6e42d7d5a425cfWas unable to attend TCU head coach Gary Patterson's weekly press conference on Tuesday, primarily because previewing a game against an NAIA team such as my alma mater really did not seem too worth it.

Grambling State may be a better opponent than Kansas.

The Kansas Jayhawk football team is as bad as any the Big 12 has had in its existence. TCU is favored by 21.5 points in its Big 12 opener at Kansas. First-year coach Charlie Weis grabbed a nice check to clean up Turner Gil's mess, and while Weis eventually may produce a winning season in Lawrence it's not going to be this year.

This is what GP had to say about Kansas, "Kansas has some senior leadership."

This is true. There are seniors on the team. They have seniors well versed in knowing how to lose.

GP also said: "They also have like 35 players from Texas, so they have that Texas talent as well."

So does Rice, and Rice still beat Kansas in Lawrence. Rice. Won. A football game. On the road. Against a Big 12 team. DeLoss Dodds should kick Kansas out his conference for that.

And GP added: "Through two ballgames, we have a feel for what they can do. Their wide receivers and running backs are good players and comparable to other Big 12 teams. I expect their quarterback to keep playing better and better. This is going to be a big game for them."

Notre Dame transfer quarterback Dayne Crist has been average in two games so far, averaging 4.9 yards per attempt. His talent says he should be better. This is the one matchup where TCU has to be careful - you don't know when/if it will click.

Wheel_1_t670Who am I kidding? TCU should cover the spread by the half, and the TCU fans traveling to the game would be wise to hit The Wheel, or the many fine establishments on Mass Street for a cereal malt beverage or two or five.



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Rock Chalk...who cares

Weis is a total punk. I hope TCU covers and then some. I'm making this game the 'lock' of the century. Kansas goes down in flames.


Gary Patterson is a tool. Even he doesn't believe 10% of what he says.

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

Well Andrew, if CGMFP is a "tool", then he is the sharpest one in the Big XII shed!

The Pony "Keg" Express

Weis is terrible. Please keep the coverage coming. He is a train wreck. I love watching him in football's celler Lawrence Kansas. He stinks and so does his program. Turn the page!

Big Sky

In fairness to Charlie; he is really fat.


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