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Don't buy Jason Garrett's praise: Dallas Cowboys should crush Russell Wilson

Hi-res-150257707_crop_exactIRVING - Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett didn't have to go the Nick Saban route to shame the media into buying just how good his next opponent is, but let's slow down with this Russell Wilson stuff.

The Seahawks rookie quarterback made his NFL debut on Sunday in Arizona against the Cardinals, and he finished 18-of-34 passing for 153 yards with one TD and one INT. He was sacked three times. His yards per pass attempt was 4.5. 

He led the Seahawks on a potential game-winning drive that started at the 4:59 mark of the fourth quarter and reached the Cardinals' 4-yard line with 30 seconds remaining. He threw three straight incomplete passes to end what was a pretty brutal afternoon of professional football watching in Glendale.

When Coach Process was asked about Wilson's performance on Monday, he said, "He was impressive in the ball game yesterday."

If what Russell Wilson did for the Seahawks was impressive than what Robert Griffin III did for the Redskins in New Orleans was science fiction.

What Wilson did was to play like an rookie on an average team against another average team.

There is no reason the Cowboys should not win by a touchdown in Seattle on Sunday. FYI: The Cowboys are 3-point favorites right now.

Making the four-hour flight to Seattle is not fun, and playing on the road is not easy, but considering the first two circumstances facing Wilson is a gift. The Cowboys have to expose him, and should win this game by a more than just three points.

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Harriet Q.

The Cowboys are heart breakers. We win a game against the Super Bowl Champs and we will lose the game against the lowly Seahawks. We have the players. We should win but I'm not holding my breathe. Who knows?!?!? This team could be fun but they are too inconsistant. I'm hoping for a good win on Sunday but I'm not betting the farm either. Go Boys!


The Dallas Cowboys finished 8-8 last year. That makes them too, an average team. They are so over-rated.


I hope we can pull it out this year. If we are still "America's Team" then I'm moving to China. We are mediocre at best.


Don't underestimate the Card's D. They are an extremely talented group, and I would rate them top 7 NFL, and a few slots better than Dallas. You also under-rate the very talented Seattle D. This will be another down and dirty fight of a ballgame. Seahawks 24 Cowboys 23.

Rick Mage

You fake Cowboys fans make me sick! You guys are probably stupid enough to be Romo haters, too. Look, this year's Cowboys is not last year's Cowboys. Get that through your thick heads, morons. I would think you guys would at least have a clue, after the opening game against the Giants. So, baring any "miracles" in Seattle, the Cowboys should dominate the Shehawks. That's what I'm expecting, here.


romo is a top 5 quarterback in this league. in the regular season that is. he will choke like he always does when the playoffs start.


Anyone on here dumb enough to bet on the Seachickens deserve to lose every penny. Dallas Cowgirls 27 Seachicks 17

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