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Fear not, Cowboys fans, Chicago Bears returner Devin Hester is done

Hester_devinNo, Chicago Bears returner Devin Hester is not out for the year, retired or injured. He is scheduled to play for the Bears against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night.

I am calling my shot - Hester's days as the most dominant returner in NFL history are over.

He still may be effective, but the man who scored 18 touchdowns on returns from 2006 to 2011 is no longer. 

He has returned six punts for 70 yards this season and seven kicks for an average of 27.3 yards per return. Hester is in his seventh NFL season, and he is 29.

Bears coach Love Smith does not agree.

"As a returner it's hard to be speical and have a touchdown on returns every game. You go through spells where it doesn't happen," Smith said on Wednesday during a conference call with reporters.

I asked him the rather loaded question if he sees any signs of declining skills on Hester's part because dominant returners, historically, have a tendency to just fall off.

"Not scoring right now. I can see why you would question where Devin is right now. He is a young player, still. I still believe his best returns are ahead of him."

What is Lovie going to say? "Yeah - you're right - this guy is toast and we're in denial."

Hester should still be considered for the Hall of Fame based on his ability as a returner, but he is nearing that point when he no longer is the fastest guy with the best moves.



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Masonic Lodge

"The Devin Hester should be considered for the HOF" garbage has to stop. It is just silly. Hester did not make it as a CB. He has been a below average WR. He has four more career punt return TD's than Eric Metcalf. Desmond Howard had far more return yards total. Howard averaged one yard less per return over several more years of returning.
Just look at the list of people he is competing with as a returner for all time records:

Just please stop the madness.

Tiny dancer

Masonic you're pretty dumb, If anyone is leading any sport in any specific category that matters they'll go into the doesn't matter weather or not he's bad at wr what does that have to do with him setting records in kr/pr dummy? and of course Howard has more return yds he played for 4 more years stupid. Brian Mitchell is in the hof for kr/pr ability and hester is at the top of the board in those categories and his career isn't over, just shutup you're stupid, if he's deemed as the best kr/pr of alll time how is he not going into the hof stupid?

Band Wagon

Hester is the least of our concerns. We don't have a shot against Chicago. We just aren't good enough; not nearly consistant enough. We beat Chicago however, and I will be a believer.

Johnny R

One of your more insightful articles. Hester is a shadow of his former self. He is a competent return guy but his days of scoring multiple times in a season are over. Loved his stuff when he was 'on' but those days are long gone.

Dallas still loses to Chicago.

Living Chicago

Lovie is a great guy and a great coach, but he is crazy if he thinks Hester has much left in the thank. I like the Dallas-Chicago match up. Looks like a great game to me.

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