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Fearle$$ football predictions: Missouri +2.5 at Central Fla. is enticing

3The Big Mac Blog returns with more football predictions. When we last left this segment I was bathing in imaginary riches. I began the 2011 season with $50 of Monopoly money, and by season's end I was plus $100. Cash. 

Last week's results: 1-4. I am now at $0 for the season.
1. Kansas at Northern Illinois (-9.5). UNI. LOSS
2. Virginia at TCU (-18). Cavaliers. LOSS
3. Kansas State at Oklahoma (-14.5). Wildcats. WIN
4. Houston Texans (-2) at Denver Broncos. Broncos. LOSS
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (-4) at Oakland Raiders. Steelers. LOSS

Time to get healthy. This week's picks:
1. Texas (-2.5) at Oklahoma State. HORNS. Not feeling the T. Boone's this year.
2. Baylor at West Virginia (-11.5). BEARS. I see garbage points at the end.
3. Wisconsin at Nebraska (-11.5). HUSKERS. Badgers are down.
4. Missouri at Central Florida (-2.5). TIGERS. Just a feeling.
5. Cincy Bengals (-2.5) at Jacksonville Jags. BENGALS. Andy Dalton, don't let me down.

An exciting new addition to this post: A long time bookie and once big-timer named "Zliff" is giving me his lock, or two, of the week. He was 1-1 last week.

1. Texas Tech (-2.5) at Iowa State. IOWA STATE.
2. Arkansas at Texas A&M (-14). HOGS.

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Ben Gal

I like your Bengals pick. Jacksonville is lousy on a good day.


Don't quit your day job. This weeks picks don't look any better than last weeks.


I'll give you credit; you don't pick the easy ones. That MO versus CFU is a tuff bet. I'd stay away from it, but I give you credit. You got some guts. Too bad you aren't playing for real money.

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