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Gary Patterson refines his message for SMU but won't commit to extending the series

GpFORT WORTH, Texas – One year after carefully calculating and crafting his comments towards SMU and coach June Jones a few days after an overtime loss in Fort Worth, TCU head coach Gary Patterson was a changed man on Tuesday afternoon. 

“If I was going to do the press conference over again last year, what I would tell you after watching film is SMU kicked our butts. Both sides of the ball,” GP said. "One thing I wouldn't take back is the (comments) on the officiating. After that whole situation I don’t think I ever got an apology or (they’d) said they didn’t do a very good job. We will leave it at that."

TCU plays at SMU at 6 p.m. in Dallas on Saturday night.

Patterson is specifically talking about the Conference USA officiating crew that worked the 40-33 OT SMU win against TCU. As for the rest of those pointed words GP had for SMU one year ago, he sounds like a man who realizes he did not mean it. He was just mad his team had lost.

Click here to re-visit Gary's words from last year. 

Ncf_a_jjones_jh_400Basically, take the comments off the board. He doesn't hate June Jones. He sounds like a guy who would help out SMU if asked.

"In this world, wins and losses is what keep our jobs, but in the end it's what kind of person you are," GP said. "For us, there are a lot of Dallas and SMU people that have been good to us here. I've talked to a lot of them in the last 365 days. No matter what they say or how they do it, I'm in a position where you are supposed to act better. At least for three hours on game day. I can't make any promises on game day."

He also added: "If I'm going to be the person I'm going to be and I'm going to teach young people I have to act right, too. It's as simple as that. I'm still not taking back what I said about the officials."

Despite the calm feelings, GP does not sound like a guy who is just dying to play SMU in the future. TCU lists SMU as a future opponent through 2016, but one source said this series is contractually signed for eight more seasons. That's the way it should be.

Unless a school breaks a contract it's not as if the Iron Skillet series is going to go away any time soon. Gary said he did not know the particulars of the contract.

"I don't know," GP said when I asked him if he wants to continue the series. "You have to sit down and look at how you do your whole non-conference schedule, not just SMU. How are you going to adjust your whole non-conference schedule."



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Keep the rivalry. These are one of the fun ones. Bragging rights of FW/D

Hot Air

SMU, TCU, Baylor, Rice should all play one another every year -- and Arkansas should be playing old SWC schools in non-conference.

Jen Carlton

SMU vs TCU is a great series. It could rank up there as one of the all time best but they have to stick it out and keep playing the game. It can be great for the area, great for local football, and a lot of fun. SMU sucks. It would be great to see TCU beat up on them regularly.

Doak Walker

People have a short memory. SMU ruled TCU for many years. Times have changed but no reason to dissolve this rivalry. TCU is worried that SMU is getting better and scared to play them every year going into the Big 12.

Craig James Killed 5 Hookers While at SMU!

No, TCU is certainly not scared. I think until an unexpected home loss in OT happened, most Frog Alums were getting kinda bored with this game. You are correct about long blocks of each team dominating the other though. Although I would say TCU didn't do as great of a job of cheating as Pony Excess did! Y'all simply excelled in the booster payment arena.


Doak is funny. Smew is sinking right back to its old mediocre self. Hell, if they hadn't been paying players in the late 70's early 80's they wouldn't have been good then. So no, TCU is hardly 'scared' of SMU. We need patsy's for our non-conference games. Smew fits that bill perfectly.


So does Rice, then just keep a slot open for LSU type matchups and walla - scheduling complete.

TCU c/o 05

Keep the series going. I don't care how bad or good SMU gets. We have 2 other ooc games we can use to strengthen or weaken our ooc schedule depending on if SMU is a national power, a steaming pile, or somewhere in between.

Let's not treat SMU like Baylor treated TCU.

Please Keep the series coach Patterson.


"Doak" must have one of those stupid Beat TCU signs in his yard. TCU leads the series 44-40-7. We get up for games like the Rose Bowl, not little SMU.


Too bad. If your team did get up for games against SMU, you would have had more Rose Bowl caliber games to play in. Last year, if TCU beat SMU, TCU would have been in a bcs bowl game. In 2005, the loss to SMU was the only loss of the year, keeping you from a bcs bowl that year as well. Here is to hoping your current horned frogs take that same mentality of underestimating the opponent again this year and watch an inferior SMU squad take the skillet.

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