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How DeMarco Murray let down the fantasy geeks who have him on their team

Cowboys_Giants_Footba_Will_t607IRVING, Texas - Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray had one of the best Week 1's of any NFL running back, but his decision to turn left rather than stay straight cost both he and the fantasy owners/nerds who have him on their team.

In the third quarter of the Cowboys' Week 1 win against the Giants, Murray was nearly stopped for a loss by a Giants defender, then by fullback Lawrence Vickers, when he broke loose on the right side for a 48 yard run. Should have been longer.

He had Dez Bryant in front as a blocker, but rather than remain straight on the right sideline he opted to turn left towards some chasing Giant defenders where he was stopped at the 25-yard line.

Murray said he thought the Giant defenders were much closer than they were and he did not think he was going to be about to out-run them.

"Looking at the film I could have just walked into," Murray said. "Hopefully that won't happen again."

The additional 25 yards would not have made him the week's most productive back, but his fantasy owners would have been grateful for the points.

1. C.J. Spiller, Bills: 14 carries, 169 yards, 1 TD
2. DeMarco Murray, Cowboys: 20 carries, 131 yards
3. Steven Ridley, Patriots: 21 carries, 125 yards, 1 TD
4. Frank Gore, 49ers: 16 carries, 112 yards, 1 TD
5. LeSean McCoy, Eagles: 20 carries, 110 yards 

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How 'bout them Cowboys!

DeMarco looked goooooood!


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