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How will it end for Breaking Bad's Walter White?

Walter-white-photoAMC's Breaking Bad was going gangsta', with Walter White as Tony Montana.

At least he was until the final few minutes of the last episode to Part One of final season that aired Sunday evening. In those final minutes the show returned to a lighter place, and all is well and done.

{ SPOILER ALERT: WW gets out of the meth biz }

Many scary clouds are forming. We won't know how this plays out until Part 2 of the final season, which is scheduled to air in the summer of 2013.

For nearly all of this entire season I was disappointed with the story arc as White turned into a cold monster. The final moments of Sunday's episode returned White to his origins, and his original decency that made him so likeable despite his crimes.

There is, however, little chance this story is going to end well; the question is how creator Vince Gilligan will end Walter White.

How do you think Walter White will go out?

a.) Caught and apprehended by his DEA brother in law, Hank.
b.) His former partner, Jesse Pinkman, stages a coup and assumes control of his meth operation.
c.) Jesse turns in Walter.
d.) Walter's wife, Skyler, turns him in.
e.) Skyler kills Walter.
f.) Walter's cancer returns.
g.) Nothing happens and Walter continues on, and returns to teaching. 
h.) Other ...  

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This episode was soo good. How will we be able to wait until July for the last eight episodes? I just made a Twitter account ALL about Breaking Bad. I'll post predictions for the second half of season 5 of Breaking Bad! Also, there's an EMail posted to send YOUR own predictions to (THEY WILL BE TWEETED, TOO!)
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The ball is in Hank's court. If he goes after Walt, he is ruined and ridiculed within the DEA. Just like Fring ruined his former boss, but only much worse. Will he arrest the man who paid for his therapy when the DEA wouldn't give him a nickel? Hank has no good options here. Perhaps he is the next one to break bad.


Walt and Hank will go into busniess together. Creating the biggest badest super lab ever. Top of the DEA and best meth cook ino town.

David Kennedy

2 things:

[1] WW already knows the cancer is back; that's why he punched the paper dispenser in the hospital bathroom just before we got there,

[2] i am NOT liking the holes in the last few episodes, like WW LEAVING THE BOOK IN THE GUEST BATHROOM with the dedication in it from GALE! {right where Hank can find it}.

OR WW dressed like Lester Young meeting hot young women in the local Starbucks!! {although it does give Marie something to talk about with her sis}.

OR Mike slipping DEA tails like Jason Bourne {suggestion: just add another car}!!!

{PS, not completely convinced Mike is dead}

Much as I like the show, kind of glad it's going off the air for a while, because the writing was sure going off the rails.

Ryan White

Mike is absolutely dead, they show Walter about to put him in the barrell with Todd and acid him up.


I think the show will end with Skyler, Walter Jr. and Hope being killed in a car accident running away from Walter after a fight. His family will all be dead and he will have done everything to end up alone and dying.

Just my theory. If I were writing it, that's how I'd wrap it up. With a ton of evil irony.

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