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If Cowboys go into the 'Victory Formation' be prepared for the Bucs to push back

Tom-coughlin-greg-schiano-e047af6f0ba73e2fIRVING, Texas - This dead horse has not been beaten to death just yet, and Tampa Bay Bucs coach Greg Schiano does not sound like a man who wants to put the casket on this one.

The rookie coach from Rutgers caused a bit of a storm when at the end of his game against the Giants on Sunday he had his defensive line actually try when QB Eli Manning and the offense went into the victory formation. Manning fell down, much scuffling ensued. Giants coach Tom Coughlin had a nasty chat with Schiano on the field after the game.

The message is, we don't do that in the NFL. Schiano basically is saying: "Well, I do."

On Wednesday during a conference call with the Fort Worth/dallas area reporters, Schiano was asked about that play.

"I have spoken on that subject a lot. It's a play we have in our playbook and I'll leave it at that," Schiano said.

I asked him if the play is in his playbook whether he would call it again.

"Like I said, it's in our playbook and anything in our playbook it's my decision if I want to run it again," Schiano said.

That's a big, giant Y-E-S!

I'm all for it. It's a way to bring some suspense to the single most boring play in football.


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