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Jason Garrett is describing a .500 team

300344-jason-garrett1IRVING, Texas - Since becoming head coach of the Dallas Cowboys Jason Garrett has gone out of his way to say very little. He is a politician's man using lots of words to say very little. He is not the type of coach to call out a player, or to talk to his team through the media, the way Bill Parcells would.

But in Red's attempt to say very little there are actual answers.

"At times it was good and other times it wasn't," is the way Coach Process is answering a lot of questions these days to decribe any number of players or areas of his team.

His Cowboys are 2-1, so the world is not ending. There are issues - offensive line, penalties, etc. I asked him if he thought his team had been consistent (loaded question).

"I was going to say I think we have been consistent at times and at times we haven't been consistent," he said.

I followed with by asking, "Every answer is 'good, and not good' - so how do you fix it?"

He answered: "I think it's the nature of the NFL. If you look around the league, it's hard to be good every down. It's hard to be good every series. It's hard to be good every game. The guy on the other side is pretty good, too. You see that when you look at this league. Have we been as consistent as we want to be? Absolutely not. Certainly not as consistently as good as we want to be. People talk about consistency - well, if you are consistently bad that's not real good. We want to play at a high level all the time. We aren't close to being there. That is the process you go through."

Has he seen consistent effort? 

"Absolutely," he said. "The effort of this team is off the charts. There is a relentless spirit. The issue is consistent execution."

Even though effort should never be questioned, as long as that concern is off the table is a great starting point. Eventually it comes down to whether the team is actually any good.

Right now, according to the answers given by the head coach, the Dallas Cowbys are good. And sometimes they're bad. 


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