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Manny Pacquiao to fight the same dude for a fourth time

Manny-Pacquiao-Juan-Manuel-Marquez1After watching Manny Pacquiao fight Juan Manuel Marquez I thought, "I hope these guys fight each other at least three more times."

Prayers answered.

Boxing will deliver us a Pacquiao-Marquez IV. It sounds like Dec. 8 in Las Vegas.

Rather than Pacquiao fight Timothy Bradley to avenge the fight he won but lost, we're going to get Marquez as the opponent.  In fairness, that Pacman-Bradley fight was so bad that Pacman-Marquez IV is a better alternative.

The fights between these two have been close, and Pacman can lose this fight. He was going to bet Bradley, just as he did the first time. Pacman won two of the three fights against Marquez with the other scored a draw. They last fought in November of 2012 with Pacquiao scoring a majority decision.

I am sure I will be the sucker to pay the cover charge to watch this charade, all in the hopes of a good fight while opening pining for a Pacman-Fraud Mayweather fight sometime next year.

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Even Ali- Fraizer only had 3 fights
Boxing is a joke


I love Manny Pacquiao. One of the all time greats.

Josh Picazo

Frazier and Ali were old in th3 3rd , Marquez and Pac are in their primes still


no...the big mac blog is a joke and is actually written by little ball of hate and passes the credit to mac "teddy" engel.

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