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Martellus Bennett serving up a giant plate of crow

628x471No one ever doubted Martellus Bennett's ability, but the "want to" chip awlays seemed to be lacking. It is turning out he wanted it more than maybe so many of us, me included, realized.

Marty B is doing with the Giants what he never did with the Texas A&M Aggies or certainly the Dallas Cowboys. Perhaps maybe it was playing for a head coach in College Station who didn't feature him the right way, or playing behind a tight end in Dallas whom he was never going to get the opportunity to be anything other than his caddie.

In his first season with the Giants, Marty B is tearing it up.

In three games he has 15 receptions for 185 yards and three touchdowns. Marty B has touchdown catches in every game this season, including NYG's 36-7 win in Carolina on Thursday night. Those are his first TD catches since 2008 when he was a rookie with the Cowboys. He is on pace to shatter any previous career high in every category.

So whose fault is this that Marty B didn't do this, ever, with the Cowboys?

Some of it is on the coaches who simply were never going to give Marty B the chance to be ahead of Witten.
Some of it is on Marty B. He may be thriving now because the opportunity is there, and perhaps leaving the Cowboys and the state of Texas was the best thing for his career.

Marty B signed a one-year, $1 million deal with the Giants in this past offseason and claimed it was his time to shine. It is turning out he was right.



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Quentin J

I have always wondered about Mr. Bennett. It appeared he had a lot of ability that the Cowboys just never seemed to be able to figure a way to fully exploit. The same may be proving to be true for Felix Jones. Hopefully they figure things out with him before he ends up with another team displaying his true abilities!

Fred G

U have to be kidding. This dude has had more opertunity to do well. Yes he has some catch and TD. But overall in the same Bennett not running route like he is suppose to droping pass that hit his chest. I find it funny that reports twist the story it fit something. If you want Bennett you can have him I would not want him on my team. Your a idiot

Eat it

Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

The guy can flat out play.

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