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NFL players reaction to "real" refs returning does not match the outrage at their absence

OriginalIRVING, Texas - As much outrage as had been expressed by fans and the players over the NFL lockout of the referees you would think upon learning the news that "real" crews are returning would be cause for Mardi Gras II.

Nope. The general response from some of the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys is the return of the real crews is no big deal.

"I didn't let it dictate anything I do. They are out there doing the best job they can, whether they get it right or wrong is inconsequential to me," Dallas Cowboys center Ryan Cook said. "I have enough to worry about with my job whether they are doing their job."

"I know how important it was for us to get regular officials back. They are professionals and they administer the game," Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith said today on a conference call to FW/d reporters. "That would make the game better. But for us, the Cowboys are occupying our thoughts."

I actually liked this answer the best from Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall. I asked him if he was relieved this ref lockout was over.

"When I think about that situation I have compassion for the replacement refs. They took a lot of heat," he said. "To be criticized and talked about by the world week in and week out is tough. Those guys are trying to get it right but it's tough to be thrown into the fire like that. I am sure they did the best they could. I'm glad this is behind us, but I have a lot of compassion for the replacement refs."

Now we can return to complaining about the real crews, and their screwps.


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It's a non-story. It's a distraction is all. The NFL is the best professional league their is. The replacement referee situation does not help. I hope it gets resolved soon so we can get back to enjoying America's favorite past time.

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