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NFL replacement refs are as good as the "real" ones

XlargeSince it is the first Monday after the first day of the NFL regular season, and there is no way we can survive without complaining, I will choose to do the latter and praise the jobs done by the "replacement" referees in their first real game.

Job well done to the Replacement Refs. You're as bad as the real ones.

I especially liked it when the "fake" refs gave the Seahawks an extra timeout. 

Of course, I also have fond memories of the "real" refs for screwing up a coin toss for the Steelers once.

As you may know the regular referees are stuck in a nasty labor fight against the NFL. The league is basically saying you aren't as important as you think, and Sunday is proof the league is correct. The NFL refs' union screwed with the wrong league; this is a league that has used replacement players before to prove the point that we just want to watch this game and we don't care who is wearing the uniforms.

On Sunday, The Twitter thingy was buzzing with complaints of bad officiating. There is always bad officiating because it is inherently an impossible task.

There may not be a harder job in sports than officiating an NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA game. It is not whether the referee is "good" but where they reside on the Scale of Suck. It is an impossible task that requires 10 eyeballs per ref, solid conditioning, quick thinking, high concentration and thick skin.

A retired pro hockey player once complained to me that the refs were nothing more than a collection of frustrated jocks. Not that much different that sports journalists. There is no credit or fame in being a ref. 

I hope the real referees get everything they want and then some in their labor fight against the NFL, but they won't because if we will watch scab player football we will certainly watch scab referee football.

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Chris Baecker

Meh, a tear will never shed from these eyes when ANY union loses a fight.

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