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Now let's do this: Movie ticket giveaway madness for Raiders of the Lost Ark

6a00e54f7fc4c58833017744b41a89970d-300wiHere it is, kids - Big Mac Blog Movie Ticket Madness!!!!!

The good people at Harkins Theatres are giving away a pair of movie passes to see the re-release of Raiders of the Lost Ark at the theater in Southlake, Texas. The run of this film at Harkins Theatres begins tonight at midnight.

Click here for the theater's website in Southlake.

The movie is being shown on a 70 x 30 screen with digital surround sound, etc. It's so real it's as if you are being surrounded by the snakes themselves. As Joe Biden would said, literally.

EMAIL me at the answer to this following Raiders of the Lost Ark trivia question (Yes, I realize The Google machine makes it nearly impossible to stump anyone):

QUESTION: The genesis of Indiana Jones was based on a mental picture that producer George Lucas envisioned for the film. Lucas' vision of that one shot became a famous scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark - what is it?

Again, EMAIL me the answer at

The first correct answer wins two movie passes.


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