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Now what are we going to whine about? Refs & NFL close to a deal

Ed-hochuli1It looks as if The Replacement Era of NFL football is just about over.  ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen is reporting that an agreement in principle is here. The regular crews could be back at work this weekend.

How sad. Scab Refs have provided a constant source of entertainment and suspense.

So now a business that was created to make money no longer has to worry about the "integrity" of its product. Whew.

Unfortunately, this sets up the expectation that the "real" referees who will return to work will now do something they have never been before: been perfect.

Please do not forget that referees inherently suck and that this is a no-win job. Sometimes a game is going to be lost because of a bad call. They are going to whiff on calls and not see everything just like the replacement guys. 

It is better to have the "real" ones back to work, but they are going to screw up, too. 


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Monday Morning Hang Over

I agree with your article. Being a referee is a no win situation. Refs are going to miss calls; replacement refs and the regular refs. What happened on Monday Night Football was a HUGE miss but I'm not sure the regular season officials would have done any better. It's a game run by humans. They can do the best that they can but it will never be perfect.

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