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Over the Edge II: Sorry, no splat

9-14-12 Mac OTE (9)FORT WORTH - In the dry (damp) run for Fort Worth Inc.'s second annual "Over the Edge" event, I did not fall down the Chesapeake Building.

For the second year I rappeled down a tall building in downtown Fort Worth that offered a fantastic view. This year was a relatively scare-free "walk" down the side of the Chesapeake Building; it was around 20 stories descent. This is much easier a second time; very little fear of leaning out over the edge of a tall building.

9-14-12 Mac OTE (13)If you get a chance, swing by Saturday morning around 9 a.m. to watch the people going down the side of the building.

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Splat, the sequel

Good 'jump'. Im sorry to hear you landed safely. Alas, you will need to do a 3rd jump. Everything comes in 3's these days. Look at the Harry Potter Series, the Lord of the Rings, Twilight... they all come in 3's and they all end in disaster. Jump again but this time hit the pavement. Your fans will love it.

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