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SMU already preparing for TCU game with yard $ign$

SMUNot sure the respective HOAs in and around Highland Park are going to take this without a fight and some lawyering up, but SMU is putting on its Cougar-best outfit to prep for what is actually a highly anticipated edition of the Iron Skillet game next week in Dallas.

On Monday, SMU will make #BeatTCU yard signs and t-shirts available to the first 1,000 fans who show up at the Loyd All Sports Center at noon on Monday, Sept. 24. Those signs better be up to code, people.

I have actually been looking forward to this game since SMU upset TCU last year at Amon G. Carter, 40-33, in OT. If you recall, TCU head coach Gary Patterson had some choice words for SMU coach June Jones a few days after the game, as well as the officials. Click here for a stroll down memory lane.

Gary said then: "June Jones said we never change. I think June Jones is 1-8 against TCU since he was at Hawaii (and SMU). I don't think he's changed that much either. ... I don't go there."

He also added: "Don't look for any help coming from us ever again. SMU got a lot of help from us over the last three or four years. They are not going to get any help about a game or a conference; they are going to get no help from Gary Patterson. Don't ask me about anything. We've bent over backwards to help them because that's what I believe in."

This subject may come up about three seconds after TCU plays Virginia on Saturday in Fort Worth. (Yes, I have every intention of beating this story into the ground up to and after kickoff against SMU.)
SMU (1-2) has a bye this week to prepare for TCU. The Ponies are 1-2, and have looked very bad in blowout losses at Baylor and at home against Texas A&M.
Credit SMU for continually trying like a dog to make itself better and for marketing as hard as possible. The Ponies in Dallas are not an easy sell, and this requires more work than you might imagine.
Ford Stadium better be full for this game against TCU. This is the first time in forever this rivalry feels like it has some teeth, so the pretty people from SMU and TCU need to be there for the 6 p.m. kickoff.

Tickets for the game are available at or by calling 214-SMU-GAME.


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Pony Boy

I wish I could be there. Love your blog. You need to give more love to SMU football. The Pony Express is back!

GO SMU!!!!


Patterson later admitted to taking Jones' comments out of context. No apology for doing such though, just an admission.


These comments Fatterson made were just out of line and thin skinned as June was just making a complementary comment that TCU never changes...just that they are always well prepared and good.

For you to put these comments back up again as gospel shows your ignorance as well.

Class of '81

June Jones is the best thing to hit SMU since their was a 'player payrool'

GO 'Stangs!


I LOVE my TCU squad. Class of '01. And this team has talent, but we sometimes fade or play 'up to' the talent of our opponent. That isn't a dig against SMU, but I just don't think we win. Call me a pessamist, but I just don't see it. I'll be there cheering our guys on but I think SMU will get the best of us this year.


From a major TCU fan, grew up in Ft. Worth, and an SMU alum who has been to both TCU and SMU games this year--TCU will have noooo problem with this one, especially when Gary has the Frogs all fired up showing the team videos of SMU celebrating their win last year on TCU's home turf. SMU needs to play their other quarterback as Gilbert, so far, has shown zero touch. Hate this game because I root for them both all year.

Jack G.

I want TCU but I'm just excited this game is getting some buzz. Both are good schools and both football programs are on the upswing. I'd really love to see two good teams play well and develop a compelling rivalry moving forward. It's good for the schools and great for the area.



SMU is Dallas' team. TCU is Ft Worth's. As a TCU alum and Ft Worth resident, I get the better end of both deals :)


BFD. Maybe Smew can teach those two-bit yard signs to tackle. Then they might have something. But that crap isn't going to matter one iota once the ball is kicked off.

Doak Walker

this is journalism? wow, you are such a homer. Knocking on SMU any chance you can get. Just showing a little spirit.

BTW, Gary couldn't take a loser very well last year. Sore loser.

Pony Up!!

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