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The Aggies better not blow this SEC game against the Hogs

South+Carolina+St+Texas+A+M+Football_27467625_91837Texas A&M v. Arkansas has recently been a spot of great soreness and disappointment in Aggie Nation. If A&M somehow loses this version of Aggies v. Hogs it's time for a rebellion. It will be time to destroy Kyle Field, relocate to Reliant Stadium for a full year, and just start over with a new stadium that does not house so much underachievement.

The Aggies are favored by 14 points.

On Saturday at 11 a.m. CT, the 1-3 Hogs visit Kyle Field to play the 2-1 Aggies in an "SEC" game. There are quotations simply because neither of these team look like your typical SEC power. This will be Arkansas' first visit to Kyle Field since 1991.

Arkansas has one of the worst defenses in the nation, and right now I am guessing they would take Bobby Petrino back under any condition. The Hogs have lost three in a row, all at home, against La-Monroe, Alabama and Rutgers.

The Aggies only have two more guaranteed losses on their schedule - vs. LSU and at Alabama. But games at Auburn and at Mississippi State don't look encouraging.

If A&M is going to reach a bowl game, it can't lose games like this one.


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SEC is the BEST!

SEC is the most dominant confrence around. NOBODY can stop us. Even lowly Mississippi and Vanderbuilt would win against top flight opponents from other confrences.



Did that last guy just cheer for an entire conference? Guess that's a good way to avoid your team losing.

Go Lone Star Conference!

Down in Big D

It's sad but it's true. The SEC rules. Ain't nothing nobody can do about it. It's been that way for the last decade and frankly, I don't see it changing anytime soon. I love the Big 10 but we have been aweful (or at least down) for a very long time. Things have a way of turning themselves around but I just don't see anybody knocking the SEC of their throne for a very long time. I'm not an Aggies fan but I'd love to see them do some damage against any SEC opponent.

Big Billy

Vegas don't know everythang. My Razorbacks will win this one. Bet on the Aggies if you want to give your money away. But if you are looking for a winner, look for Arkansas to put one on the Aggies. It's gona be fun though!

Ball up SEC

Watching the SEC lose a game is like spotting the Yeti. You don't believe it when you see it and let's face it; it just doesn't happen.




SEC doesnt lose games?? Did you not watch them lose a game to a SUN BELT team a couple weeks ago????

Rusty S.

Don't look now, but the SEC hasn't exactly been the best conference this season. Top-to-bottom, there's no question that the Big 12 is the strongest. The resurgence of Baylor and Iowa State, and replacing the Ags and Mizzou Tigers with the Mountaineers and Froggies... Even Texas Tech is starting to play some D.

But don't let the facts get in your way.

Julie B.

I'm a Big 12 fan. Love it. Always have been, always will be. I don't know if it's "The Best" but it's certainly good and TONS of fun. I am crazy tired of hearing about the SEC. Really! It gets soo old. WHO CARES who has the best conference. They all have good teams and if you are lucky, the tailgaiting and post game partying is fun. Time for all you SEC chest thumpers to give it a rest. Cheer about having the best pizza, or the best parties, or the best alumni... anything except "the best" conference.

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