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The best team in Texas is ...

David-Ash-Texas-Longhorns-Ole-MissThree games into the college football season and the great state a' Texas has no teams ranked in the AP Top 25.

12. Texas 3-0
17. TCU 2-0

Baylor, Texas Tech and Texas A&M are in the "receiving votes" category.

So who among this lot is the best team in this great state? 

Yes: A 3-0 record against Division I opponents by the combined score of 148-48 is noteworthy. QB David Ash looks improved, and overall the team looks better than it did last season.

No Way: The Horns have defeated nobody. Winning big at Ole Miss is not a real win against an "SEC team". The Rebels are a bad SEC team. Ash needs to have a big game against a real team to prove he can be the guy. 

When will we know: The Horns play at Okie State on Sept. 29, which will be their first genuine game. Then they host No. 6 West Virginia on Oct. 6 followed by the Red River Thingy on Sept. 13 against No. 13 Oklahoma. They have to be at least 2-1 in that stretch, but 1-2 looks very possible.

In compiling a 2-0 record the Frogs have shown they have serious talent at the skill position, and Gary Patterson has another handful of playmakers on defense that should mature into big-time players. It would be hard to argue he is not the best game coach in the state.

No Way: TCU has defeated nobody with wins at home against Grambling and on the road at a bad Kansas team. Against Kansas, TCU should have won by 30 but four turnovers inside the KU 23 killed that idea. The offensive line is young, and there are so many underclassmen on this roster they are doomed to be exposed.

When will we know: If TCU is as good as people think, the Frogs should be 7-0 before going on the road to play Oklahoma State on Oct. 27. That would mean defeating an underrated Iowa State at home on Oct. 6, winning at Baylor and at home against Texas Tech in the following weeks. Can they win when they aren't at their best against a team better than Kansas?

Yes: The loss of Robert Griffin III has not killed this program, and any Art Briles team is going to score. QB Nick Florence can play. If they can score, they have a chance.

No Way: They don't play enough defense, and against superior defenses the Bears will be exposed as not having enough. Having to rally at home against Sam Houston State is not a good sign, but it should be noted the Kats are one of the best teams on the FCS level.

When will we know: The Bears play at La-Monroe on Friday in a game they can easily lose. The Warhawks have split a pair of road games against Arkansas and Auburn, both in OT. The Bears play at West Virginia on Sept. 29, host TCU on Oct. 13 and then are at Texas on Oct. 20. 

Texas Tech
Yes: Didn't think this was possible but Tommy Tuberville's team has been convincing in three blowouts against lesser competition. The Red Raiders have won the first three games by the combined score of 151-30. They are halfway to a bowl game! They are running the ball, and so many of the injuries that crushed this team a year ago are no longer derailing the team.

No: They were just so bad last year and they have played no one yet. 

When will we know: The Red Raiders play at Iowa State on Sept. 29. If they win that then perhaps they will have a chance over the next five games when they play Oklahoma, West Virginia, TCU, Kansas State and Texas. 

Texas A&M
Yes: The Aggies have a very good offensive line, and some nice skill players at running back. Quarterback Johnny Manziel looks like he could be one of the better QBs in the SEC. The Aggies may be closer in the SEC than we thought.

No Way: They aren't there yet to compete in the SEC. Because the SEC is so top heavy, the Aggies should be fine against Auburn, Ole Miss, Missouri and probably even Arkansas. But they are not close to LSU or Alabama. Of course, no one else is.

When will we know: We already do. Losing at home against Florida did it.



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Texas Tech at this time last year was ranked 95th in the country on defense. Were ranked 2nd now. The offense looks scary good, I have been ranting on this site and others that TTU was going to be a real good football team this year, and its happening. Its not Tubs fault he lost 16 starters to injury last year, u tell me one coach that could overcome that kind of loss.

Troy Claycamp

Wait a minute, you said there are no teams ranked and then listed 2. Do they give these blogs to chimps? Did your speak-n-spell lock up again? You suck!
Half of the schools you discussed aren't even in Texas. Get a map jack-wagon!


Ryan.... Tech has played northwestern state, texas state and new mexico. With that schedule, you should be ranked 2nd on defense. Wait til the sooners and frogs run circles around you before you get hyped!

The Pride of the North Side

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!??! "WHO IS THE BEST TEAM IN TEXAS!?!?!? Tell me you aren't really asking that question. You are a Fort Worth writer for god's sake.

The best team in Texas is THE STEERS!!! North Side High School here is Fort Worth is off the charts this year. We are loaded with seniors, have a sweet running game, and a stiffeling defense.

Get real!!! GO STEERS!!!


It's all guessing and BS'ing at this early point in the season. First games and second games for all teams and many with new schemes, coaches and/or players. The Aggies are no more "not-SEC-ready" than the Longhorns are "top-15-worthy". Two years of mis-firing have both programs on "watch" mode. The Aggies only loss is to a team that's 2-0 in the SEC and ranked 14th. The Horns are 12(AP) and 10 (USAtoday), and who have they beaten? Polls are a bunch of bunk this early in the season anyway.

Gig 'em Aggies, and Go SEC !!


Kev, Ryan's point was that Tech should have been ranked 2 last year against a similar cupcake schedule but were 95th. Do you now understand the level of improvement? It's an uptick that is measurable over the same competition as a year ago. Contrarily, TCU and WVU are about to learn their fate against teams they have no history with. The 9 game round robin schedule will kill TCU and WVU's expectations.


"Gig 'em Aggies, and Go SEC !!"

Aggies r such sellouts it's unbelievable

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