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The best team in the Big 12 is ...

Rn_oklahoma_kstate_ms_17This pains me to write, but there is simply no better coach in America than Bill Snyder at Kansas State.

Have you ever been to Manhattan, Kansas? Ever? Hell on earth. (FYI - I am a Kansas grad, so it's my right to be both bitter and resentful of Kansas State's football success and resort to childish insults).

How Snyder has turned Kansas State into a winner let alone a national threat coaching out of Manhattan remains one of life's great mysteries, right next to those creepy crop circle things. It doesn't make any sense.

And yet it is very conceivable to see Kansas State winning the Big 12 this season.

On Saturday night in Norman, Oklahoma Snyder undressed Bob Stoops and reinforced the notion that Landry Jones is good enough to not win a game like this.

Kansas State is ranked 7th in the nation and has only three games remaining against ranked teams:
at No. 9 West Virginia, Oct. 20
at No. 15 TCU, Nov. 10
v. No. 12 Texas, Dec. 1

The 'Cats are going to lose in Morgantown. 

There is no team in the Big 12 that limits their mistakes better than the Wildcats. No quarterback makes just enough plays and doesn't beat himself as well as KSU's QB Collin Klein. There is not a better game coach than Bill Snyder, with the possible exception being TCU's Gary Patterson. That will be a fascinating game to watch in Fort Worth.

Snyder's teams routinely improve as the season progress, and provided Klein does not suffer a serious injury the Wildcats are going to a BCS game.

75-044-web-full_2Here is The Big Mac Blog Big 12 power poll

1. Kansas State (7th). 4-0 v. Kansas 10/6
2. West Virginia (9th) 3-0 v. Baylor 9/29
3. TCU (15th) 3-0. at SMU 9/29
4. Texas (12th) 3-0 at Okie State 9/29
5. Oklahoma (16th) 2-1 at Texas Tech 10/6
6. Baylor (25th) 3-0 at West Virginia 9/29
7. Iowa State 3-0 v. Texas Tech 9/29
8. Oklahoma State 2-1 v. Texas 9/29
9. Texas Tech 3-0 at Iowa St. 9/29
17. Kansas 1-3. Terrible. at Kansas St. 10/6


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uh, 17th ranked UK is too high.


It's a sad day, and an even sadder confrence, when Kansas State is the best team in your confrence.

Get real. Have a real confrence and you can talk smack about who is the best.

Disabled Vet

Mac, Kansas State may have a very hard time at TCU and then with Texas. So the tide could turn and the Wildcats will probably end up with 3 or more losses.

I do know that since K-State doesn't have much of a passing game that Texas will stack the line and stop their running game and their running QB.

Oklahoma may have their hands full at Lubbock this coming week. They have to play Norte Dame, Texas, West Virgina, TCU and Okie State. That could equate to 5 or more losses. When was the last time that Stoop's Sooners had a 5-6 record?


"It's a sad day, and an even sadder confrence, when Kansas State is the best team in your confrence.

Get real. Have a real confrence and you can talk smack about who is the best."

Posted by: SEC | 09/24/2012 at 06:27 AM

We now have a real "confrence" We appreciate you taking the garbage out of our "Confrence" so we can now have a top to bottom better "confrence" than your "confrence."


I don't have enough time, nor do I care enough to respond to the SEC guy. The SEC is top heavy (and maybe overrated) and underneath that there is absolutely nothing.

"I do know that since K-State doesn't have much of a passing game that Texas will stack the line and stop their running game and their running QB."

^^^ this. Look at KSU/Texas last year. K State had no offense, and Texas stopped their own offense in that game- we just couldn't get it together. That's not to discredit the KSU D, but if we had any sort of health on O, we would have been in a lot better shape. Klein looked like the worst QB in the Big 12 against Texas last year- how many yards did he have? I don't remember but it was around 20 or something. Should be a great game...

UT Reality Check


You have got to be kidding me on the health comment. Klein, more than anybody, was beaten up. The fractured ribs were only a part of his pain. He WASN'T as good at the end of the year. He was doing what he had to to lead and get a W ugly or not. Which we did, in your house, again. You didn't really face Collin Klein last year. He was a game manager by necessity, uncertain to even play the last couple games. You have yet to face and stop this Collin Klein. The year prior, when he was rough around the edges and filling in, he ran rough shod over you. Consider it a rubber match with better athletes on the Oline this year than last. The left side of our line is turning into a machine with a couple of young guys. We'll see what it's like for you to face the real Collin Klein with a little better passing and a better line and returning skill players with two weeks to prepare for you at the end of the season on our Senior Day to cap off the season at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We do not fear UT at all. We DO respect UT, but we don't fear and maintain a mental edge for now. Especially with this team. Mack said it himself: If you can plan your season, you would never, ever plan it to play KSU at Manhattan the last game of the year on their Senior Day in a cold December game of their liking AND give them two weeks to prepare with an experienced contending team. You don't line up well against us this year. Period. I consider you to be a Big 12 contending team this year, but you don't setup well at all against us. The next 6 games will need to hand KSU some losses if we're going to get 'em. And it ain't KU in two weeks.


has anyone noticed that SEVEN out of the TEN teams in the big 12 are ranked?!?! get off your high horse, SEC, its not your year.


Time for me to be a KSU homer. Usually I'm fairly pessimistic about the upcoming games, you learn to be that way as a fan of the cardiac cats, but this team is different. I just watched the highlights of the KSU/OU game again and Kansas State has something really special this year.

Do you really think that Kansas State is going to let Geno stand back and throw all day long? Do you think that your 53rd ranked defense that's allowing 366 rushing yards per game against scrub teams are going to slow down the likes of Klein and Hubert? Are we talking about the same WV team that only won 31-21 to Maryland? Yes MARYLAND, as in 106th in passing yards, 119th in rushing yards Maryland? And they still scored 21 on you? You all are freakin delusional.

Look Eers, I'm not discounting what you've done and I'm glad to have you in the Big 12, but that's just it, you're in the big boy league now, time to put on your big girl panties and pretend like you belong.

I know you all are used to playing powerhouses like Connecticut and Pittsburgh (*snicker*) but that's a far stretch from getting pounded week in and week out by the best top-to-bottom conference in the country. Geno is a stud, freak of nature, no one is discounting that, but we'll see how well he holds together against Kansas State once they face some of the best teams in the country.

Let's take a look at your upcoming schedule, shall we? Coming up you have Baylor, 5th ranked offense in the country. Next you have Texas, 7th ranked offense and 28th ranked defense in the country. If you WV homers don't think that Texas is going to put Geno on his back half a dozen times, you're out of your minds. And you do realize that you're playing AT Texas? We'll see how well you hold up with 100,000 screaming Longhorn fans up your @$$. Then you get a "break" by playing Texas Tech with the 6th ranked offense and defense in the country.

All that BEFORE playing Kansas State, but all I'm hearing from the Eers seems to be how they're going to destroy KSU to claim their throne atop the Big 12. I think y'all have a few other things to worry about before the K-State game. Good luck to you West Virginia, and welcome to the Big 12.


"It's a sad day, and an even sadder confrence, when Kansas State is the best team in your confrence."

"Get real. Have a real confrence and you can talk smack about who is the best."

SEC- Your Conference has Alabama and LSU, and that's it. You guys also don't have offenses.


"Win", you are a tool. SECOND is best confrence in all of college sports. Get a grip you idiot.

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