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The Big Mac Blog pays tribute to Breaking Bad's Walter White with a new 'do

6a00e54f7fc4c5883301538de1e29a970b-320wiIt has been said the only redeeming quality of The Big Mac Blog and its author is the hair.

Other than Fox 4 sports anchor Mike Doocy, who reportedly has a $5 million insurance policy from Lloyd's of London on his coif, there may not be better hair in the greater FW/d area than this. 

I should charge admission for people just to look at it.
No more.

In honor of the greatness that is Walter White of Breaking Bad, which airs its final episode of the first part of season five tonight on AMC ...

I have found a hair cut that makes both my nose and my butt look bigger:











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Mug Shot

Nice pic. I like the old dew better. You look like a convict.


Your hair was never that great to begin with. I think its an improvement.


I like your eyes.:-) f.y.I. you know what French people say about big nose? :-)

Kirk Smithhisler

I know what French people say about "boys" with big noses, most of them are fudge lickers and packers! Just like Anderson Cooper the pooper scooper! HA, pooter pan. Kirk.

Big Dave

You should have started with a classic Caesar cut, and then progress to a buzz cut. and then you can shave it all off.


I miss your hair. Its beautiful but you have a nice body. I've seen you our tunning before.

Bob from Arlington

I dig your new hair cut. My wife thinks your hot.


Why is there a picture of Gomer Pyle?

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