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The Dallas Cowboys should not be saying they need to play Dallas Cowboys football

Philadelphia+Eagles+v+Dallas+Cowboys+Wild+XydVUGP8dLHlIRVING, Texas - One of the great and rapidly growing cliches in sports are athletes and coaches saying, "We just need to play TEAM X" kickball.

And when you play for the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, New York Yankees, LA Kings, etc. you should do that. To play to that brand means you are winning.

On Wednesday, Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher said, "We just need to go out and play Dallas Cowboys football."

Jason Hatcher is truly one of the good guys on this team, and in this league, but I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Hatcher. The Dallas Cowboys should NOT be playing Dallas Cowboys football. Winning on the road against the Giants and then following that with a bad loss in Seattle is Dallas Cowboys football.

The Dallas Cowboys should be playing New England Patriots football. The Dallas Cowboys should be playing Baltimore Ravens football.

The brand of football and identity of the Dallas Cowboys for more than a decade is that of mediocrity, and that is not good enough.

I asked Hatcher what 'Dallas Cowboys' football is.

"It's aggressive, physical, fast, loose, physical football," he said. "It's the way the Dallas Cowboys were in the '90s. I grew up on those teams."

That is an admirable aspiration. If the Dallas Cowboys want to play 'Cowboys football' as defined by this century, prepare for more stink.

If the Cowboys want to follow Hatcher's lead and try to define 'Cowboys football' as established by that collection of bad asses in the '90s, great. 


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QT LaNier

insightful and funny. you are right. we should not want to play 'cowboys football'

Big Tom in Big D

If Jason Hatcher wants to play "Cowboys football" like they did in the 90's, he best fire up is time-traveling Deloreon and go back in time. No way we play that brand of football anytime soon.


we lost one game but u say we need to play Baltimore Ravens football? Who just lost to the Philadelphia Eagles? Yeah that's real smart, you sir are an idiot!!!

Football Hat

I'm optimistic about this season. We have talent but we do lack leadership. With enough breaks we could be a playoff team but we are a far cry from a sure thing. Let's hope good things happen for our boys this sunday.

Cowboys Twitter

We are an aspiring .500 football team. forget the playoffs till jerry's world hires a real gm, and somebody lays some wood on star qb tony romo. romo ain't got it

Big Dave

The particular cliché you mention is neither great nor rapidly growing.

You're turning into another two bit hack like Bud Kennedy. :(

DJ Breathe

My Boyz are going to surprise you this year. Romo is married now. He is a changed man. The guy just needed to settle down to unlock the super star in him. Up at 6am feeding baby and home by 5ish to play with baby will change you. You watch. My Boyz have the "it" factor this year. We are back, brave, and bigger than ever; living large in the streets of big D, taking it to the guys in the black hats. Just you watch!


@GoCowboys Re-read the part where Mac mentions what "Dallas Cowboys football" has look like contenders one week by beating the defending champions, then you completely s**t the bed the following week against a young Seattle team. That is typical Cowboys football...a Jekyll and Hyde team that is not consistent for more than 3 or 4 weeks at a time. Then compare that to Ravens or Patriots football. Discipline. Dedication. Hell, postseason wins!

I've seen my share of ups and downs with this team, and I'll never jump ship, but I'm tired of hearing the players say "We need to play Cowboys football" or "We need to get better". Yes, we all know that in Cowboys Nation, but put up or shut up.

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