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The missing component for TCU to create a real home field advantage

KickoffFORT WORTH, Texas - This picture was taken at kickoff of the Virginia game at No. 17 TCU game on Saturday at 11 a.m.

What's wrong with this picture? If you guessed thousands and thousands of empty seats you would be correct. 

To be fair, by the start of the second quarter Amon G. Carter looked mostly full. Mostly. And it was brutally hot with almost zero breeze. A lot of people were trying to hide in the shade.

By the fourth quarter the stadium looked like the good ol' days of TCU/New Mexico WAC football.

This is what so many people around TCU clamored for years for: A real team playing another real team at a real stadium. 

These are not Herman Moore's Virginia Cavaliers, but this is not North Dakota Tech. TCU is going to be a Top 15 team on Monday, and other than outdoor air conditioning Amon G. Carter Stadium has every toy possible.

I understand why fans deserted as this game progressed; it was so hot and uncomfortable that only a really close game was going to keep people around. The game was not close.

Coach Gary Patterson and director of athletics Chris Del Conte and everyone else at TCU has given its fans every reason to show up and create a home field advantage. The rest is on you.


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Pathetic. When the big boys come to town, TCU will basically be playing an away game.
This is partially on the admin for the way season tickets were sold, where people bought more than they could use so they could turn a profit in B12 play scalping to opponents.
Once the reality of TCU's mediocrity sets in after a couple quick losses, it will only get worse.

Big Frog

You are right but it takes years to develop a following. TCU has a compelling team, a really good facility, and a great campus. My bet is we will continue to grow. I'm hopeful we keep showing up to support our team and that we are there for them in the down years.


TCU fans in the DFW area should be embarrassed for not showing suport - I've lived through some of the most embarrassing times in the last 60 years and NOW we have a program (not just a 1 time team) that we can be proud of and the TCU fans sit on the butts at home.
TCU 70

Orange Julius

Slow down Big Mac. Have yourself a McLatte and just take it easy. The new stadium will serve millions. TCU fans take a little while to warm up. We haven't been that good for that long. Remember when McRib came out. EVERYBODY was skeptical. Now, we can't live without it. So before you sick the Fry Guys on on and tell how bad we are for not coming out in droves, slow down, take a break today, and just be patient. TCU fans will be there.

T c u fan

This is very misleading...that empty section you see was for the UVA band who did not show up. I sat in general admission lower level got there 15 min before kickoff and struggled to find a seat. Last home game there were articles criticizing lack of seats. It's already exhausting dealing with outside criticism. We have a great team and a very supportive fan base


Hey Mac, from someone who was actually there, the fans on the east side and north endzone who were broiling in the heat did not leave the stadium, they retreated to shaded concourses where they could still watch thanks to the stadium's open design plus flat screen tv's everywhere. As the weather gets cooler, this will not be an issue. You might want get all the facts before you spout off next time...

The Big Mac Blog

BL - I too was at that game. You actually may want to read the entire post. I mention the heat. Fans hiding in the shade, etc.

David May

I was sitting in that north end zone and it was brutally hot. I managed to watch the whole game. There are plenty of things to complain about. The ticket horders for one. They bought all the quality seats just to place sell them for the profit. Wait until Tech and OU hit town. That west side will be covered in anything other than purple. Next, you are no longer allowed to bring in your on stadium cushion. Go sit on those blazing hot bleachers in the end zone. I would be willing to pay a rental price for a cushion, but that is not an option. They have vendors in Frog Alley that gave away cookies and encouraged to take extra for the game. Nope to the trash they go. I guess we can now AGC stadium Jerry's World, Jr.

Doak Walker

waa waa waa - you have a new stadium, stop complaining.

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