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They are trying, but the Houston Astros are not yet the worst pro team in Texas history

20120912_ajw_ac4_193_extra_largeAs the Texas Rangers begin to play into October the team in Houston just hopes the season is cancelled today.

The Houston Astros are awful again. Terrible doesn't do justice.

They are 45-98, easily the worst record in baseball, and they should break last season's 106-loss mark.

But are they the worst team in history of pro sports in Texas? Not quite, but it's not for a lack of effort.
Here is a look at the worst seasons by the major pro sports teams in Texas. 

2012 Houston Astros: 45-98, .315
1972 Texas Rangers: 54-100, .351

1992-'93 Dallas Mavericks: 11-71, .134
1982-'83 Houston Rockets: 14-68, .171 
1996-'97 San Antonio Spurs: 20-62, .244

1994-'95 Dallas Stars: 17-23-8, .438

2005 Houston Texans: 2-14
1973 Houston Oilers: 1-13
1972 Houston Oilers: 1-13
1960 Dallas Cowboys 0-11


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Cody Colston

Records aside, I think the 1989 Cowboys have to be in any discussion about the worst professional team fielded in any sport.

Silver Dome

There are too many aweful sports teams to choose from. My personal favorite is the Detroit Lions under the "leadership" of Matt Millen. He was the worst GM in the history of the sport.

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