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This Virginia Cavalier turned Dallas Cowboy won't say he thinks his alma mater will defeat TCU

KevinOgletree-2IRVING, Texas – By coincidence, the University of Virginia members of the Dallas Cowboys are both “lockered” about three spots apart in the corner of the team’s locker room at Valley Ranch.

Neither receiver Kevin Ogletree nor tight end John Phillips will be able to attend Virginia’s game on Saturday at TCU. The Cowboys have a walk through about the same time the TCU/UVA game begins at Amon G. Carter Stadium.

Ogletree said he plans to visit the team at the team hotel on Friday night. Asked who they think will win, Ogletree immediately defended Liz Lemon’s alma mater.

“Virginia,” said Ogletree, pictured playing. “Ask (Phillips) who he thinks is going to win this game.”

(Please note the following exchange was very tongue-in-cheek. Don't take this too seriously.)

The Big Mac Blog: “John, who do you think is going to win this game?”

John Phillips: “You’re talking about the one down here?”

The Big Mac Blog: “Come on, I need an answer – the two touchdown favorite or the other team?”

Kevin Ogletree: “John, tell him the truth, man. Virginia. He said it.”

EFKQHZYZNSHVJKO.20070809153559John Phillips: “You are going to expect for us to come in here and for us not to say Virginia?”

The Big Mac Blog: “I am just looking for a prediction.”

John Phillips: “What you are looking for is the quote.”

The Big Mac Blog: “Pretty much. You pretty much said Virginia.”

John Phillips: “No, I didn’t say that at all yet.”

The Big Mac Blog: “You intimated it.”

John Phillips: “You can imply a lot of stuff. You can assume a lot of stuff.”

The Big Mac Blog: “I can also assume you think they are going to lose: ‘The Pride of UVA Says Cavaliers Probably Going to Lose to Horned Frogs.’

John Phillips: “OK, say this – ‘(Kevin Ogletree) said, ‘We are rooting for them and wish them all the best.’

The Big Mac Blog: “Just say they are going to win.”

John Phillips: “We wish them all the best.”

The Big Mac Blog: “Why not just say they are going to win.”

John Phillips: “I’m not going to give you that.”

... BTW: TCU is a 17-point favorite.


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