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Time for Fraud Mayweather to do a deal & take Pacman's offer

Manny-pacquiao-floyd-mayweatherBoxing fans, have you heard about the one where Floyd Mayweather is going to fight Manny Pacquiao?

Neither have I.

The two best pound for pound fighters alive, which includes Timothy Bradley, may finally have an opening to broker a legit deal and stage what would be the biggest fight this sport has seen since the days of Mike Tyson.

According to ESPN, Pacman has agreed to take a smaller cut of the purse to stage this potentially massive fight.

Pacman has said he will take 45 percent and allow Fraud to take home 55 percent of the revenue. My calculations says that is enough money for Pacman to buy his native Phillipines.

Right now Pacman is promoting his fourth fight against Juan Marquez, scheduled for December 8.

Agreeing to this kind of split is, ostensibly, the potential last major obstacle for these two fighters to actually fight rather than talk, and waste their time against lesser opponents. Pacman has said he would agree to random drug testing. 

Fraud is one of professional sports' best and most savvy media manipulators, but even he has to realize he has played this thing out for as long as it can go. By waiting and waiting and baiting and baiting the build up for this fight has reached its zenith, and a record-payday. The pay per view price on this could exceed $70 and people (me) will buy it.

But Pacman is 33 and Mayweather is 35. Both are just about near the end of their boxing prime, if they haven't already passed it.

If they fight early next year we will see two of the sport's best at their best. If they wait too much longer it will be one guy past his prime trying to cash a check.


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Pacquiao still using Mayweather's name to sell his fights. What a loser! to bad he waited for his stock to drop before coming to his senses. The deal is now for 65/35 considering his two ass whoopings. this lackluster PPV and another defeat by the hands of Bradley, the deal will be 75/25 in favor of Money. Mayweather fights Alvarez & Cotto before giving Pacquiao a beating at 154lbs being he holds a title in the division. Pacquiao holds No Titles

Masonic Lodge

I think Floyd will handle Pac-Man easily. He is also a smart businessman. He made himself millions of extra dollars on this fight by holding out. He also became the biggest draw in boxing while simultaneously being known for being something of a boring fighter. I give credit to a guy who can take care of his brain and still do big box office.
Pac-Man is the one who painted himself into a corner. Bob Arum has only allowed him to fight his stable of fighters, allowing Arum to get paid on both ends. Pac got played. Now he has nobody left to fight, and he has to concede. He is also coming off a loss to a no name. Even if you say that was a BS loss, Pac's win over Marquez was horseship too. For the second time.
Floyd is undefeated. He gave a great show the last time he stepped into the ring.
It is easy to take shots at him, but he is the better fighter. The only reason Pac is willing to take this deal is because he has no other options.
Mayweather will beat him easily.


If Maywhether will beat Pac, why doesn't he just fight him? Even Stephen A Smith who is one of the biggest Maywhether supporter says he is ducking Pac.


Bring your pop corn because this will be a great fight.

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