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What the stupid?! Dallas Stars reward goalie Kari Lehtonen with a 5-year deal

98224502_display_imageWhy are the Dallas Stars rushing to hand out extensions to any player on this team other than forward Jamie Benn? 

On the eve of yet another NHL work stoppage where both the players and owners feel just terrible about what they are doing to the fans, the current league economic system is so broken that teams continue to throw around long term contracts.

Although his numbers have been solid and it would be very hard to argue he is the culprit of this team's struggles since he arrived in a deal with Atlanta a few years ago, Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen today has agreed to a five-year, $29.5 million extension. Ladies and gents, the goalie who has been between the pipes for the past two non-playoff seasons for the Stars is now signed through the 2017-'18 season.

The money averages to $5.9 million a year, which the way NHL revenues are growing and the salary cap is trending will not be a crushing figure under any new economic model the league and the union creates.

He has been good, reliable and a total pro since arriving to the team. The problem is the team hasn't been good enough to get into the playoffs in each of his first two full years with the club.

Everyone gets dropped into the mud when that happens.

Really hope you like Kari because, if you don't, you're stuck with him.


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Kevin in Wa

You lock up good players, period. Is it really that difficult? Do you think that a pitcher with a 2.95 ERA with a WHIP south of 1 but only has a .500 record is a 5th starter or potential longman out of the pen? Of course you don't because you aren't a moron. This article is just another check in the box.

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