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Aggies carrying the Texas state football flag after an ugly weekend

AR-121009638.jpg&q=100&maxh=300&maxW=630The great state a Texas took a beating in the world of college football, and if it weren't for the Aggies the state that places such a priority on football would have had an o-fer weekend.

The Aggies rallied for a 30-27 win at Ole Miss to improve to 4-1, and are arguably the best team from this state after the best from Texas were mostly beaten from the out of staters.

Texas A&M 30, Ole Miss 27 in Oxford, Miss.
No. 8 West Virginia 48, No. 11 Texas 45 in Austin
Iowa State 37, No. 15 TCU 23 in Fort Worth
No. 17 Oklahoma 41, Texas Tech 20 in Lubbock
Rice 10, Memphis 14 in Memphis
Texas State 13, New Mexico 35 in Albquerque

North Texas played Houston and SMU played UTEP. Thank God Baylor had a bye. 

As of Sunday, the only two teams from this great state ranked in the AP Top 25 are ...
No. 15 Texas (4-1)
No. 22 Texas A&M (4-1)

Somebody do something!

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Don't write this crap. Ole Miss got robbed.


Why did "old" Miss get robbed? The refs they paid actually make a good call? They finally wore out and were run over.


Ole Miss had every opportunity to win, and instead of capitalizing on 6 turnovers, they repeatedly failed to score touchdowns.

A&M played a terrible game, but they made the plays at the end to win it. You can say we didn't "deserve" to win, but we did. Which is more than Texas can say. Even though for the second consecutive week, Texas was gifted a touchdown that they didn't earn.

BIrd Man

I agree with Curits. The Refs stole that game from Ole Miss. Aggies won but it was a cheap win.

Bird Man's Mom

I disagree with Bird Man.
But then he's off his meds again.


I watched the Ags get robbed when the refs gave Ole Miss 4 points after the said the Ag QB didn't score when he plainly did, the fumble by Michael sure looked like his knee was down, and the lack of holding calls against the Ole Miss O-line had me looking to see if the replacement refs were calling the game. The calls overwhelmingly went to Ole Miss. Ags dd their best with 6 TO's to give the game away. To overcome 6 turnovers and still win shows an incredible amount of will. After watching TCU, Tech, and Texas get beat, I believe the Ags are the best in the state.

Horse Boy

I agree with Bird Man and Dog Boy. Aggies looked aweful. Not a good win.

Bird Man's Mom

For Horse Boy, winning is getting through a sentence without misspelling anything.

SEC fan

The refs gave Ole Miss favorable spots all game long, and didn't once review any plays that were favorable to Ole Miss. They also didn't call any holding on the Ole Miss O-line, and Demontre Moore was being held all night.

A&M should have lost that game with 6 turnovers, but good teams find a way to win.

Colonel Reb

The Grove at Ole Miss is a great place to party and has some of the most attractive women in America. Ole Miss was the real winner in THAT game.


Let's see...tackled for a safety, not called....stepped out of bounds before catching the 3rd and forever catch....not called, the 1st down that was not called b/c the ref was near sighted looking at the link on the chain..... and the A&M O-line had more blue on their hands than their own flesh due to the Ole Miss jersey colors rubbing off on them due the 4 quarters of holding. It was a gift...accept it and move on.


Texas beat Ole Miss by 5 td's.
Yes Aggy is therefore better. I see another NC recognized at the stadium.




A Win Is A Win.
All teams will take a win any way they can get it.

SEC is the best

Aggies have to hand it to the SEC. Old Miss is the WORST team in the SEC. To play the Aggies got pushed to the brink is simply more proof the SEC is the best confrence in all of college football.

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