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Audio: Adele kills it with title song for new James Bond movie

The new James Bond movie "Skyfall" opens Nov. 9, but the title track performed by Adele is already a winner.

While Adele's "Skyfall" is very good, it's no "Live and Let Die", which remains the ultimate Bond movie song.

Give Skyfall a listen.



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Chuck Brunzi

This is the best blog ever!!! Thanks for posting this! Love this tune and really excited about Bond 23!!!

Chuck Brunzi

You are as talented a writer as you are music critic. Which is to say you suck.

'You know my name' is clearly the best Bond song ever.

Bond 23

What about the 'Spy Who Loved Me'? I guess winning a Grammy isn't that big of a deal. Right!

Big Mack Blog, your readers are idiots.

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