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Cam Newton vs. Andy Dalton - tale of progress, & regress

Sports001_display_imageOn Sunday afternoon, Cam Newton's Panthers host the Cowboys in a game both really need.
On Sunday night, Andy Dalton's Bengals host the Steelers in the very rare prime time game for that franchise. 

Both are platform games to show America how far they have come. Or haven't.

Not long after the Panthers drafted former Blinn JC quarterback Cam Newton No. 1 overall in the 2011 draft and the Bengals selected former TCU QB Andy Dalton in the second round of that same draft I boldly (stupidly?) proclaimed Dalton would be the better pro.

As rookies, they both acquitted themselves and played so well as starters it was argue that either was going to flop.

As second year players, both may be going through the cliched Sophomore Slump. 

Newton: 4,051 yds. passing, 60%, 21 TD, 17 INT.; 126 carries, 706 yds., 14 TD. 6-10 record
Dalton: 3,391 yds. passing, 58.1 %, 20 TD, 13 INT.; 37 carries, 152 yds., 1 TD. 9-7 record; 0-1 playoffs

Newton: 1,154 yds. passing, 58.8 %, 4 TD, 5 INT., 40 carries, 209 yds., 3 TD. 1-4 record
Dalton: 1,726 yds. passing, 66.0 %, 12 TD, 9 INT., 20 carries, 62 yds., 1 TD. 2-3 record

Today ... it is hard to determine the rate of progression. Bad team around them? Too much too soon as rookies? They are completely different QBs - Dalton does not have Newton's arm, or ability to run around. 

Newton admitted that his ability to run "can be a gift and a curse at times. Sometimes you feel like when you can run you can get out of everything when you really can't," Newton told FW/d reporters in a conference call on Wednesday. "There are a lot of defensive schemes out there ... you have to be patient. Even though I have the ability to run I can't lean on it as much. If the opportunity presents itself I have to take advantage of it but if not I have to stay in the pocket."

As impressive as Newton's numbers are, he is 7-14 as a starter. This is not all on him, but the record is Andy+Dalton+Rose+Bowl+Game+Wisconsin+v+TCU+b0bv1ex_toVlnot flattering.

Dalton's team hovers around mediocrity. This is not all on him, but the record is merely average. He is quarterbacking arguably one of the worst franchises in North American sports; his task may be so great that no QB could turn ambivalent Cincy Bengals owner Mike Brown's team into a winner.

It is too early to determine the future arc of their respective careers, but right now neither seems to be progressing.



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Based on the stats you provided, Dalton is on pace to IMPROVE his stats in passing yards, TDs, and completion percentage. Soooo..... WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BRO!?

Susan W.

Dear Big Mac Blog,

You are wrong. Wrong as red is red. We love red. He is a super quarterback. I don't agree with your article one bit. He has a great throwing arm and is really a good person. You need to quit being so mean to everybody so people like like you. Andy is a wonderful person that has an amazing future as a person and whatever he chooses for his career.


Mac, you are an idiot. Why does the paper pay you money or let you even use their name. Red is a solid young quarterback on a struggeling franchise. Please move back to Kansas or where ever you come from. You are a total bafoon.

Roger in the Queen City

Love Dalton's game. I think Newton is better but they are both so young. Dalton could be the class of the NFL. But he has to take fewer chances, develop more trust amongst his offensive players, and assert himself. That team needs direction. Dalton can do it but he has to protect the ball and not be afraid to speak up.

Wayne Wanninger

Yeah you are a complete idiot do your research before writing any info down Andy dalton is 3-3 not 2-3

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