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UPDATE: Casey Pachall arrested for DWI & Gary Patterson suspends him

Casey-Pachall-TCUUPDATE: TCU has suspended quarterback Casey Pachall following his DWI arrest on Wednesday night.

They have released the following statement from TCU head football coach Gary Patterson:


"Casey Pachall has been suspended indefinitely from competition. My job as a head coach is to win games, educate our kids and help them with their lives."


This time, Gary had no choice.

Three days before TCU hosts its first Big 12 game the starting quarterback was busted for a DUI. Casey Pachall was arrested on Wednesday night for driving drunk.

This isn't funny. A guy who was already operating under a perceived no-tolerance policy has put his head coach, and his team, in a very precarious position. 

By all accounts, Pachall had been trying very much to do the right thing since word leaked on Aug. 2 that he had admitted to failing a drug test for weed in February, and that he told the police he had used also cocaine and ex'. He did not fail any drug test for the latter two drugs.

At the time, I wrote a column that said Gary Patterson should suspend Pachall for four games. Needless to say, the reaction towards my opinion was not what I call "supportive". In hindsight, four games was too harsh. Two would have been fine.

GP elected to follow the university protocol for any student and not suspend his QB because there was no rule in place that said he had to. It was a great out.

There were some within the TCU athletic department that thought Casey should have been suspended then, but in the end director of athletics Chris Del Conte agreed with the coach that he could not do it.

How many strikes does Casey have? Is this the second, the third? 



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G Davis

This is beyond embarrassing. I say expel Pachall and fire Gary Patterson who obviously has lost all control of the team. I would rather have a mediocre team of young men with integrity than have a team of superstar thugs!


G Davis, I agree that disciplinary action has to be taken against Pachall. But firing Gary Patterson because his troubled player messes up? Give me a break, you must be doing more drugs than Pachall to come up with that idea

Fern De Lay

Patterson and the TCU hypocrites probably reacted with, "Oh, it's just a DWI, heck we thought it was something really serious like a marijuana joint. Have another beer."

Now I'm really going to enjoy watching them lose.


Expell him. He needs to learn. He is a good kid but he needs help.

George P. Burdell

WWAD? What would Alabama do?

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