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Chris' Cartoon

Raven v Cowboys

 OK ... so I talked to my brother Christopher, who drew this, about this joke because I didn't get it either.

Here is what he said: "It's a drawing of cavemen, who are chasing a pig around. I'm with you on it not being a good gag. This took me a long time to draw because there are a bunch of figures in it. Like four hours. 

The Big Mac Blog: Oh my God. Seriously? Dude, I had no idea these took that long.

Christopher: It doesn't have a punch line but I thought it was a funny drawing.


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Cartoon Boy

i don't get it. the cartoonist must be related to you



Do you draw these? Good art work but I don't get the gag?

Ron from Arlington


You people are idiots. This is his best cartoon yet. Mac you are a better artist than you are writer.

Linda A.

The artist is clearly a virtuoso. I think this one says something about the duality of man.

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