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Cowboys Irrational Reaction - Who are we kidding?

11647032-largeSo many things to choose from this latest disappointment made possible by the Dallas Cowboys professional football team.

Chicago Bears 34
Dallas Cowboys 18

The Clownboys are 2-2 entering the bye. After that, it's a trip to Baltimore where lots of teams with wretched offenses win football games. 

Where to begin with this steamling pile of Jerry's Secret?

1. Start with the owner.
2. Go to the team president.
3. Move down to the general manager.

4. The quarterback has eight turnovers in the last two games. Generally, that's not good.

5. The third year WR out of Oklahoma State looks like a rookie. Up, down, right and left. Dez Bryant, your career is calling. You may want to pick up.

6. The offensive line remains a total mess. Since running for 143 yards in the Week 1 win against the Giants, the Cowboys' running game has averaged 3.1, 1.7 and 2.9 yards per carry, respectively, in the following three games.

S-BEARS-COWBOYS-large7. Defending Bears WR Brandon Marshall was deemed completely unnecessary, so much so he had a free route in the fourth quarter. Brandon had 7 receptions for 138 yards and a TD.

8. Cowboys WR Miles Austin had four catches. The Bears defense had five catches. A few of those picks were not on Romo, but enough of them were.

9. The original reason Jerry Jones hired Jason Garrett away from Miami to join Wade Phillips' staff in 2007 was because of his offensive mind, and he wanted him to call the plays.

10. The Packers, Cowboys, Patriots and Broncos are all 2-2. Plan the parade!

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jerry sucks

This team will suck as long as jerry runs things. Nothing else needs to be said.

Marco Polo

To jerry sucks @ 10/01/2012 at 11:41 PM: Something else does need to be said. After jerry leaves this mortal coil, the fruit of his loins will take over. We are in for multi-generational suckery.

Help Wanted

Jerry is probably the best owner in all of professional sports EXCEPT HE NEEDS TO HIRE A REAL GM!!!!!!!!!! How can he not see this?!?!!?

Jerry's World

Pitiful is the only word that comes to mind. Back up the truck. This season is over.

Romo must go

How many interceptions did Romo have???? No GOOD team could over come that. Bring back Kitna. He was horrible and he knew it. At least we could deal with him.

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