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Cowboys post-op chat No. 2: Dez Bryant is the team's best WR

NS_14COWBOYS15GM_27819756-620x430Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the real-life nightmare that was their 31-29 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.
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DEZ BRYANT HAS TURNED THE "CORNER": Should Dez Bryant have caught the potential game-tying two-point conversion with less than two minutes remaining? Yes. Yes. Yes. Was it pass interference, as he claims? Maybe. Who cares? That's a catch he has to make.

Either way, Bryant had his best game as a pro against the Ravens. He was targeted 15 times, and caught 13 passes for 95 yards with two touchdowns. He was worthy of a first-round pick.

Has he really morphed into a dominant No. 1 WR, or was this just another case of Dez being Dez - one week good, the next week not so much? If he does this again the Cowboys know they have something. Or at least they have to tell themselves that.

WHY DEZ IS THE COWBOYS' BEST WR SPEAKS TO MILES AUSTIN AND KEVIN OGLETREE: We should move forward that we will never see that Miles Austin again. He has 20 receptions this season. Injuries have obviously changed what Austin can do, and Ogletree's Week 1 performance against the Giants looks increasingly like an aberration.

Dez ... it's on you.


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Dez is solid but jeeeez, did he need to catch that one. (i need to puke)

Lonely in the Lone Star State

Dez is the best WR we have. Still... any chance we can bundle him in a trade deal with Romo for anybody that can help us. Love to trade Romo and Dez for a GM. No way we ever get Polian

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