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Cowboys post-op chat No. 3: Brandon Carr's problem is really the media

Hi-res-154120352_display_imageThanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the real-life nightmare that was their 31-29 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.
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BRANDON CARR IS NOT, AND NEVER WAS, A SHUT-DOWN CORNER: This does not mean Brandon Carr is a bust or a waste of money; the Cowboys offered him a five-year $50.1 million deal. It just means Carr wasn't stupid to leave the Chiefs as a free agent and took the money.

It also means when you sign for big cash, big expectations come along too. The problem is Brandon Carr is a very nice defensive back with some versatility, but he's not Champ Bailey.

On Sunday, the Ravens routinely targeted Carr's man - Anquan Boldin - and had results. Boldin caught five passes for 98 yards.

Carr said after the game he just had to "get into the garage" and fix some things. He also said he wouldn't be doing any interviews for the next few weeks, because there is a direct correlation between a guy's play and the interviews he does.

Carr is a standup guy. He's not a bad corner. He had a bad game.

MORRIS CLAIBORNE IS THIS TEAM'S SHUTDOWN CORNER: Whatever you think of Jerry Jones' track record of drafting, it is beginning to look like he landed a serious score when he dealt up to land LSU CB Morris Claiborne in the first round of the 2012 draft. 

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Be sure of this; Brandon Carr & Claiborne are a serious pair of baaad a**'s. Those fellas can flat out play. Carr got too much of JJ's money BUT he is a player. I think we over paid on him a bit, but I'm betting those two guys - NOT TONY ROMO - are the team's answer long term. Those corners will take us to the promised land -- not Romo and Witten.

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