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Cowboys post-op No. 1: The running game better do this again

154120640.0_standard_730.0Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the wreck that was their 31-29 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.
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THE COWBOYS RUNNING GAME WAS ALWAYS THIS GOOD: As if ... The Baltimore Ravens defense is living on its reputation. This is not a good defense, and Ray Lewis looks done. The Baltimore rushing defense ranks 28th in the NFL.

It doesn't take away that the Cowboys ran 42 times for 227 yards. That's hard against any defense.

After three straight sub-par to bad rushing performances, the Cowboys run game was as good as it has ever been. So which one is it - the one against the Giants/Ravens, or the one we saw against the Bucs/Seahawks/Bears where no one could go anywhere?

Settle for somewhere in the middle.

Sunday's games creates the illusion that the many problems their rushing attack had are fixed.

No. 1 - DeMarco Murray may be out for a little while. Again. He left Sunday's game with a sprained foot.
No. 2 - Is Felix Jones back? He's lost a little weight, and against the Ravens he looked more like he did when he was a rookie.
No. 3 - Where has that Phil Costa been? He was dominant on Sunday.

HOW WILL WE KNOW IF THE RUN GAME IS LEGIT?: Start with this Sunday against the Panthers, which has the 18th-best run defense in the NFL. No one should expect the Cowboys to repeat their performance against the Ravens, especially if Murray is out, but a 100-yard game would be nice. 

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