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Dallas Cowboys "Get real" chat No. 1: It's an offensive line thing

628x471Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the wreck that was their 34-18 loss at home against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. Don't worry, it was actually much worse than the final score indicated.

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IT'S A LINE THING: As bad as Tony Romo was against the Bears, and the Bucs and the Seahawks, this starts up front. The Cowboys change coaches, they change players and they change schemes for more than a decade the offensive line remains an enormous problem. Jerry Jones throws money and draft picks at this area and nothing works.

The notion that hiring Bill Callahan to coach the o-line and he was going to reverse this trend was inane. He is a good coach - I guess - but you can't coach not good enough.

If Tony Romo did not have good feet and the ability to move up in the pocket, or even repeatedly show the ability to take a hit, he would be sacked every other play.

Left tackle Tyron Smith's adjustment to his new position is ongoing. Doug Free continues to regress. The interior of the line is simply not good. Guard Mackenzy Bernadeau is routinely overpowered, or whiffs. Nate Livings has been pretty good, and the center combination of Ryan Cook and What is Your Name is a serious issue.

The offensive line was overpowered by the Bears, leading to a running game that went nowhere and a passing game that was under pressure and coughed up the ball.

FIX IT: These are the offensive linemen the Cowboys are going with in 2012. Smith has to be dominant, and Free has to elevate himself to competent. 
Either that or the Cowboys have to keep Jason Witten, John Phillips or whomever in to block.


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