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Dallas Cowboys "Get Real" chat No. 2: Dez, it's time

Dez+Bryant+Chicago+Bears+v+Dallas+Cowboys+Dybeq49OrLKlThanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the wreck that was their 34-18 loss at home against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. Don't worry, it was actually much worse than the final score indicated.

Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

DEZ BRYANT IS NOT WORTH IT: There is not much else to say about Dez Byrant. Do not let the 8 catches for 105 yards he had against the Bears fool you into thinking he had a good game.

He let at least another potential six catches go, and probably left another 100 yards and 1 touchdown on the field. 

Then there is the miscommunication between he and Tony Romo that led to the Bears' first defensive touchdown of the night.

If this trend continues, not only is Dez not worth it but he is a serious harm to the on-the-field product. 

CONTRACT: The Cowboys love to lock up players with extensions the season before they can become a free agent, but Dez has not quite reached that window. In 2010, he signed a five-year contract. Will he make it that long?

There are 12 games remaining this season, but unless Dez really forces the issue with some serious off-the-field bad, he is going to be here for a while longer.

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People always talk about Dez's physical ability and but it can't erase his mental mistakes. I'd rather let him return kicks and make him the third receiver. Let Ogletree be the two and start targeting Miles more.

Kerby Haltom

Dez looked like a lost kid the entire game. He either can't keep his mind on what he is doing/supposed to do, or just isn't smart enough to handle the job. One might can be fixed, the other can't...

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