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Dallas Cowboys "Get Real" chat No. 4: The crystal ball

Dorothy-crystal-ball-from-wizard-of-ozThanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the wreck that was their 34-18 loss at home against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. Don't worry, it was actually much worse than the final score indicated.
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10/14 at Baltimore (3-1) One of the best defenses in the NFL and now a competent offense with Joe Flacco and Ray Rice.

10/21 at Carolina (1-3) All depends on which Cam Newton shows. The Cowboys should win this one.

10/28 v. NY Giants (2-2) It's a home game, so the Cowboys can't lose it. They beat the Giants in New York, so they can do it. But Eli owns Texas Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, etc.

11/4 at Atlanta (4-0) This may be a closer matchup than you think. The Falcons are good, but very beatable.

11/11 at Philadelphia (3-1). No way. 

BEST CASE: The Cowboys use the bye to finally get healthy and see Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer and the rest return. They are not going to win in Baltimore, but they can go 3-2 in this stretch, which would be cause for a party.

WORST CASE: The team falls apart and does not win a game.

LIKELY CASE: They squeak out a pair of wins to finish 2-3 in this stretch, thus creating the teasing possibility that they can actually make the playoffs.

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.Frank from El Paso

You have lost your mind. THERE WILL BE NO PLAY OFFS FOR OUR COWBOYS!!!! How many years do you have to watch this play out to know the ending. They need a GM, and a quarterback. A powerful GM could do wonders but let's face it, unless we can find a Bill Parcels type to put Romo under their thumb, we are going to need a new signal caller. I'm betting we can get a few draft picks for him.

The season is over. Wake up Cowboys fans. We need a new GM and QB!

Giant Fan in Big D

2 games are all the wins these guys can nuster. Too bad. So sad. See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya.


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