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Dallas Cowboys "Get Real" Chat No. 5: The Jerry Dunk Tank is open

292795_3715509888315_479339534_nThanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the wreck that was their 34-18 loss at home against the Chicago Bears on Monday night. Don't worry, it was actually much worse than the final score indicated.
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The easy, fun, thing to do after every Dallas Cowboys loss is blame it all on Jerry Jones.

The argument certainly has merit. 

The Dallas Cowboys are his toy, I mean, team. Sorry. He has the final say on every major decision regarding coaches and player acquisition.

He brought in Jason Garrett from the Dolphins in 2007 to groom him to become his coaching genius creation.

Is it Jerry's fault Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree goofs killed the Cowboys' chances against the Bears?
Is it Jerry's fault his QB throws to the other team?
Is it Jerry's fault the interior of the offensive line continually can't block?
Is it Jerry's fault the team decided collectively not to cover Brandon Marshall?
Is it Jerry's fault Victor Butler let go of a certain third down sack of Jay Cutler that led to Bears' points on that drive? 

THE TRUTH: The answer to every one of these specifics is no. Jerry can't catch the ball, pass the ball, block defenders, tackle runners, cover receivers, etc.

Jerry may not be responsible for these indiviual shortcomings, but he is accountable.


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Kerby Haltom

It is obvious that Jerry has run the numbers and has decided the his best ROI is a mediocre team that is just good enough to tease folks into thinking they have a chance to get to the playoffs. That keeps people watching and buying tickets, and keeps Jerry rich. The only way to fix this, is to stop giving him money. And I don't see that happening anytime soon.


Let's just concede now that this Cowboys team will never make the playoffs. I think one thing we can do to continue to enjoy these games is turn the Cowboys into our own band of "Lovable Losers" - because they are losers.

So every time Romo tosses an INT or Murray runs 20 yards in the wrong direction or the defender falls down just chuckle and shake your head. Oh, those clowns!

Jake H.

They are pretty miserable but I love them. They are my pack of losers. We need a new GM...or any GM. Our quarterback needs help in the way of a REAL QB Coach and lord knows our QB's need to be worried more about their technique than their hair or public image.

Love 'em. Leav 'em. Do whatever you want.

I'm a 100% Cowboys fan!!! HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!


It's time for Garrett and Romo to go. Dallas will never get to a SuperBowl with them, let alone a playoff. It's a shame that Jerry has passed up on some of the hottest QB's in the NFL right in his own backyard, (ie) RGIII, Matt Stafford, Ryan Tennehill just to name a few.

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