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Dallas Cowboys OL coach in a statistical pickle

628x471IRVING, Texas - This is not Bill Callahan's fault, because he insists this is not a lack of ability, so he remains accountable to the growing problem that is the offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys.

His is not an impossible situation, certainly not an easy one.

Hired in the offseason to be the team's offensive line coach, Callahan inherited talent (Tyron Smith) and then a series of large question marks. Thus far, the answers aren't pretty.

* The Cowboys running game ranks 29th in the NFL, averaging 3.4 yards per carry (generally, that's not very good).

"It changes so rapidly; you get on a roll and start running and you quiet the critics," he said today when I asked him if there is a correlation between the quality of the line and the team's yards per carry average. "Look at the Bears game, you don't get those attempts to get into a rhythm. I'm not using that as an excuse. Look at the Seattle game and the Chicago game and you don't get into the run rhythm like we did against the Giants."

* The offense averages 16.2 points per game, 30th in the NFL (rule of thumb says that sucks).

Both statistics suggest the line stinks. Buuuut ... according to the "offensive line statistics" as measured by, it tells a different story.

* The line ranks 8th in the NFL based on combined starts from the two guards, two tackles and center; rushing first downs; rushes for negative yards; rushes for 10 + yards; rushing power; a few other measurables as well.

* Tony Romo has been hit 14 times, third-fewest in the NFL. He has been sacked 8 times, which is 27th.

Where the Cowboys offensive line seems to be flopping is the eye-ball test. Tony Romo looks like he is under pressure, and DeMarco Murray looks as if he has had no where to run the last three games.

"There is no question the ability is there. We believe in our players," Callahan said. "It does become a matter of consistency."

That seems to be a recurring theme with this team.

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Nice article. Well written. Nice use of verbs, adjectives, and nouns.

Let me save you some time in the future before you work your self up trying to convey a fairly simple and consistant message....

The Dallas Cowboys Suck. The End.

dale tisdale

Hey Mac, how about an article on how the blocking scheme has changed with Callahan from how it was last year. Doesn't it involve more zone blocking, which I think Bernadeau was not rated to highly with, as well as Dockery (which may be why he has not been seen either).

how 'bout those cowboys

Mac, Do an article on how we need a real GM. Fix management and you'll have a better product.

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