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Dallas Cowboys parade chat No. 1: Riding The Dez

Dez-bryant-400x277Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Parade chat to cover their 19-14 win against the Carolina Panthers. Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

THERE IS NO MORE INTOXICATING RIDE THAN THE DEZ BRYANT: As frustrating as it is to watch Dez Bryant, no one can ever claim this man does not care, he isn’t passionate, and that he does not want it bad.  

One week after playing the best game of his career in Baltimore, Bryant caught two passes for 14 yards in Carolina.

Few Cowboys in recent memory appear to compete as hard as this man. Does he compete wisely? Well … cough-cough … no.

On the first punt return of the game, Dez broke a tackle and after the play was dead was penalized for a late hit. Replays show he was pretty mad about what looked like a helmet-to-helmet hit.

In the second half, he fielded a punt from inside the 10-yard line and in his zeal to make a play he held the ball out so far it was just begging to be knocked out of his hands.

Then there was his drop in the end zone.

Just another day’s work for Dez. At a minimum, he is very entertaining. You never know what the hell this guy is going to do.

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