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Dallas Cowboys parade chat No. 3: The end is coming for this Dallas Cowboy

628x471Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Parade chat to cover their 19-14 win against the Carolina Panthers. Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

This would not be a huge deal if not for the surprise development of Josh Brent at nose tackle. Ratliff is being slowly worked back from the preseason injury that kept him out of the first four games, but Brent has been very good in his place.

So good that Ratliff is better off, and may eventually be slotted for, passing downs only.

As good as Ratliff has been over the past four seasons his size, and the intensity at which he plays, made him ripe for a burnout. He was always smallish for nose tackle, and the nature of the position may have finally caught him.

Brent, however, has the classic 3-4 nose tackle body type and is making a difference in collapsing the pocket against the run. Against the Panthers he was a force in the middle, and often required more than one blocker.

A former 7th round draft pick out of the supplemental draft, Brent is becoming a major find for the Cowboys.

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paul watson

Yes agree to continue playing barry Brent. A good tough guy and willing to have a go! Against Maria Manning and the Football Giants Dallas needs to spring a surprise or two. I have in mind here both James Hanna for some deep 30+ yard bombs and Cole Beasley in the slot. The way to beat Maria is to surprise Peters Ice Cream Barrie Tuck & Co. with a lot of run plays, screens and quick outs to slot receivers and then a few 30+ yard bombs. Hanna needs to be given his chance so too does Beasley.

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