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Dallas Cowboys parade chat No. 4: Cam Newton & Vince Young

Cam+Newton+Dallas+Cowboys+v+Carolina+Panthers+U0sslXF6UX2lThanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Parade chat to cover their 19-14 win against the Carolina Panthers. Post your comment underneath and we can begin a discourse.

(This space is normally reserved for a Dallas Cowboys centric post, but we'll make an exception because Cam Newton played college ball at Blinn and he is kinda looking like a former Texas-ex.)

Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher said Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is nothing like he has ever seen before. He compared him to Donovan McNabb because of his size.

Adhering to the tried and true unwritten white sports journalists creed of comparing only honkeys to honkeys, Cam Newton may be more like Vince Young than McNabb. OK, so it is too early for that because Cam is a far superior passer than VY.

Cam needs to work on his accuracy, for sure, but he has far more to work with than the Texas-ex ever did.

In terms of making friends within his organization, Cam may be wise to not follow the same path VY took during his time in Tennessee.

After the loss against the Cowboys on Sunday, the former Blinn College star said: “The past couple of games has been the same, the same script by the same director. It’s kinda getting boring.”

He was speaking of his offensive coordinator, Rob Chudzinski. On Monday morning following the loss, the Panthers fired the GM who selected Cam No. 1 overall in 2011, Marty Hurney.

Newton tried to include himself in some of the blame of his team’s 1-5 start, and it is rather apparent he is frustrated by the losing, but killing your coaches is not a good way to make friends.

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My only pride and joy is Sean Lee. Been a cowboy fan since 1975.

Cal N.

I think Cam is the real deal. My money says he is the evolution of quarterback. He is HUGE; tall, muscular, can carry the ball, and is hard to knock down when in the pocket. Cam needs to check himself before he wrecks himself. He is a young, budding, quarterback.

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