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Dallas Cowboys post-op chat No. 4: The question that has to be asked about the special teams coach

Dallas_a_jdecamillists_576Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the real-life nightmare that was their 31-29 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.
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IS SPECIAL TEAMS COACH JOE DECAMILLIS STILL WITH THE TEAM BECAUSE HE SUFFERED AN INJURY IN THE PRACTICE FACILITY COLLAPSE?: The tragedy that was the Dallas Cowboys practice facility collapse was in the spring of 2009, and one of the men who suffered a very serious injury that day was special teams coach Joe DeCamillis.

(FULL DISCLOSURE - I was inside the facility that day. Not a lot of fun. Not exactly great memories.)

For those who were injured that day, the Cowboys took care of the people who were football-game related, such as DeCamillis.

After what has been a wretched season so far for this team's special teams - the unit allowed its second touchdown of the season on Sunday - is there any chance Joe D is around because he was hurt in the collapse? 

The human thing is to say, yes ... sure. Of course. The Cowboys want to do right by a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Joe D hurried back to work after he suffered a broken neck. It's not as if he was mailing it in.

EITHER WAY, THE SPECIAL TEAMS HAVE BEEN BAD: Jason Garrett routinely talks about "all three phases of the game" and the Cowboys are losing games because of special teams. Is that all on Joe D? No. The players have to tackle, maintain their blocks and/or lanes, etc. But like all coaches, Joe D is accountable for this mess. 

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