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Dallas Cowboys post-op chat No. 5: The defense is ranked No. 1, but ... don't be fooled

Bal-ravens-hold-cowboys-demarcus-ware-to-one-sack-20121015Thanks for checking in for this Dallas Cowboys Get Real chat to cover the real-life nightmare that was their 31-29 loss against the Baltimore Ravens.
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THE DALLAS COWBOYS DEFENSE IS RANKED NO. 1 IN THE NFL, BUT ... :  I had to to do a triple-take on this - in five games the Dallas Cowboys defense has intercepted one pass, last in the NFL. The unit has forced four fumbles, and recovered three, which is tied for 19th in the NFL.

Sacks? The Cowboys have 10, which is 23rd in the NFL.

The unit is not making the types of plays necessary to change a game.

The Dallas Cowboys defense ranks No. 1 in total yards allowed but in terms of the types of numbers that have a correlation to winning they aren't doing so well.

They are allowing 23.8 points per game, good for 20th in the NFL.

SOMEONE, MAKE A PLAY: Nose tackle Jay Ratliff returned from his ankle injury on Sunday to play his first game of the season, but didn't make a huge impact.

Anthony Spencer is going to be out for a while, meaning Victor Butler has to do something. It looks as if Marcus Spears' career with the Cowboys is coming to a close; he was not activated for Sunday's game.

DeMarcus Ware has to start making a real impact, as do Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Morris Claiborne. 

Not giving up yards is key, but the defense has to generate more turnovers.

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This is a horrible article so I will not allow myself to get upset but you are highly misinformed guy team is working harder on Defense than this team

Pete J.

Our defense is terrible. We are aweful. Bill Parcells said it best; 'You are what your record says you are." And the defense stinks. We need help every where. If I had to give a 'You suck less award' to our offense or our defense, I suppose I would give it to our defense. That's the closest thing to a compliment this team deserves.


Decent article. Some good points. But overall, defesnse is not our biggest problem. We have to be a team of 'play makers'. Dez needed to make that play at the end of the game. Romo has blown his fair share of games this year. Make one or two more plays and we could be playoff bound.

Love Touch

Good points. I hope Red reads these articles. Our D needs some help in a serious way.

Cab from Delaware

We need play makers. We should be further ahead than we are. I'm amazed how long it takes to get good in this league. I wish we had a GM, a better running back, and maybe even a different quarterback, but we are good enough today to make the playoffs. Dez dropping the pass in the end zone was heart breaking. We can do it. But WOW what a difficult way to lose a game.


I don't think our defense is a huge issue. Dez should have caught the ball. Plenty of room to improve on both sides of the ball but our defense would be my first priority.

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