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Dallas Stars' Jamie Benn in a sauna ... in Germany ... yeeeah, baby!

2,h=343.bildWith the NHL's lockout in full swing (well played, Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr), some of the players remain overseas playing a little hockey.

Among them is Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn, who not only plays hockey in Germany during this lockout but apparently is also apparently a towel model on the side.

Both Benn and Vancouver Canucks center Brandon Reid are playing in Germany, and they recently posed for what has to be a first in the NHL - the shared steam room photo.

Big Benn macht Brandon big!

This article in a German newspaper has something to do with the fact that Jamie Benn is a really tall guy and Reid is not - no different than Bert and Ernie.

In all fairness to Reid and Benn, if I were in as good of shape as these two - and as hairless - I too would walk around all day wearing nothing but a blue towel.


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